Cameroon – Djemba-fin vegetable leaves with fried plantains

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Djemba-fin vegetable leaves is a type of leaf known for its medicinal effects, as it can be taken in so many forms. Some people drink it in the form of tea or coffee, others and the majority of people prefer eating in the form of food, reason why it is called Djemba-fin vegetable leaves. Djemba-fin vegetable leaves are not just eaten in homes, it can also be cooked as a meal during a particular event or feast depending on the occasion that is present and it is highly loved by people due to the health effect, positive effects, it brings to the human system and immune system. It is good for the bones, due to the abundance in mineral resources notably calcium and potassium, highly needed for the upkeeping and strength of bones so as to avoid weariness and tiredness. Djemba-fin is a village found in the South West region of Cameroon. A region made of vegetation and surrounded by hills and mountains.

Cooking method

Djemba-fin vegetable leaves is being cooked by boiling

Ingredients to use

  • Djemba-fin vegetable leaves
  • One quarter chicken
  • Ripe plantains
  • Groundnut oil
  • Yellow pepper

 Seasoning ingredients to use

  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi to taste

Cooking process

  1. Wash your Djemba-fin vegetable leaves with clean water, rinsing the leaves removing all sand and dirt
  2. After washing the Djemba-fin vegetable leaves, cut into small and put it in  clean bowl.
  3. Wash the one quarter chicken
  4. Cut the chicken into small parts
  5. Season the chicken with salt and maggi and allow it for about ten minutes.
  6. After ten minutes of waiting, boil the chicken for about thirty minutes on fire
  7. When the chicken has boiled, remove from fire
  8. Go next to the ripe plantains
  9. Remove the peelings of the ripe plantains
  10. Then slice the plantains into small parts
  11. Put groundnut oil on a frying pan
  12. Wait for the groundnut oil to steam
  13. When it begins to steam, throw in the sliced plantains into the hot oil and fry diligently
  14. Fry them all till it is finished
  15. Proceed then to the boiled chicken, fry them diligently also, making sure it does not absorb the groundnut oil. It has to be dry. When you are done at this level, go straight to the preparation of the Djemba-fin vegetable leaves.

The method used here is that of boiling, so it will be very easy and straighforward to do the preparation and the cooking. It will be take you up to ten minutes to the preparation and the cooking of the Djemba-fin vegetable leaves. It is quite simple and make sure to ensure the process of cooking.

The process is as follows:

  1. Take a half quater tablespoon of salt
  2. Put three eating spoon of groundnut oil on fire
  3. When the oil begins to steam, throw in the half quarter tablespoon of salt and stir it very well. When the salt has dissolved into the groundnut oil, do the following thing
  4. Throw in your Djemba-fin vegetable leaves into the pot and stir non stop for a period of five minutes, after this, remove your Djemba-fin vegetable leaves from fire. Make sure it does not absorb oil, reason why you have to stir constantly. In less than five minutes, your Djemba-fin vegetable leaves with fried plantains is ready.

Enjoy your Djemba-fin vegetable leaves meal.

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