Cameroon – Dodo With Eggs

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia

Dodo is a fast food which is easily prepared in a couple of minutes. Dodo here stands for fried ripe plantains. Dodo is a food that is generally eaten during morning hours, that is, it is being considered as breakfast. Among, Cameroonians, this is the name they use when referring to fried ripe plantains and eggs. Not only children love, adults also appreciate it especially eating it in the morning before going for work or getting out of the house.


  • Four eggs or more depending on the number of people to eat. Still, it is preferable to have more eggs at your disposal so as to give a thickness to the egg to make it more enjoyable.
  • Maggi to taste. You do not need salt, though you can still use salt. If you decided to use salt, use only salt. Do not use salt and maggi together. One will be enough and sufficient to give taste to the egg.
  • Poivron
  • Three fingers of ripe plantains. I insist on ripe plantains. Do not use unripped  plantains, use just ripe plantains.
  • Groundnut oil to fry the plantains and the eggs.
  • A frying pan. You can still use a pot, it is not obligatory to use only a frying pan.
  • One tamoto will be enough
  • One onion will also be enough.
  • Garlics, two will be sufficient.


  1. Wash and slice the tomatoes, the onions, poivron into small sizes. Thene peel off the garlics and cut into small sizes also. Crack the eggs, whether they are four or five, crack them all. Crack them into the plate you have used to slice the tomatoes, onions and the rest. Then add salt, if it salt you want to use, use it only, or if it is maggi, add it and make sure to use only maggi. Please, do not mix the two. After doing so, mix them all for about one minute. After mixing them, place the oil on fire. You can either wait till the oil becomes to heat in order to start frying the eggs or you do not wait for the oil to heat, you just start frying the eggs. In any chosen above, the results will be the same. Fry  your eggs till it becomes dry, then remove from fire. Make sure to turn the sides of the egg when frying so that the two sides get ready, and not just one side. After frying the eggs, move now to the ripe plantains.
  2. Peel off the plantains and cut into small sizes. You can still allow them big or you cut them into three. It all depends unto you. Personnaly, I will cut the ripe plantains into four so as to have a relatively big size. When you must have decided over the size, place groudnut oil on fire and begin to fry.You can either fry it for it to become wet or dry. Some people like it when it is wet, others not. When you finish the fryning, simply serve the plantains. It is quite a simple process.and very easy to do.
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