Cameroon – Pomme à la vapeur au poulet

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Pomme à la vapeur avec poulet is a local cuisine having the taste of a hot steak that has just been prepared and removed from fire. When you bite a slice, it seems soft and after a moment of chewing, it becomes hard like meat that has slept for a period of one week or more. This food originates from Cameroon precisely in Ebolowa locality, a town not that far from the Center region, which is Yaounde. This local cuisine, pomme a la vapeur has brought so many people to the locality of Ebolowa coming with the desire of either leatn how to cook it or to enjoy the food. Poulet in english is chicken. Vapeur in english is vapour

Cooking method

This local cuisine, pomme à la vapeur au poulet is cooked by boiling and steaming.

Cooking ingredients

One quarter chicken, it can be leg or the wings of the chicken

  • Five big irish potatoes
  • Two fresh tomatoes
  • One big onions
  • A stem of percil
  • A stem of celeri
  • A glove of garlics
  • A stem of ginger
  • Leeks
  • Poivron
  • Green pepper
  • White pepper (poivre blanc)
  • One bay leaf

Seasoning ingredients

  • Maggi cube
  • Groundnut il
  • Maggi crevette

Cooking process

  1. Wash the chicken thoroughly.
  2. Cut it into smaller sizes
  3. Boil the chicken using the one bay leaf
  4. Boil the chicken for a period of thity minutes.
  5. When the chicken is ready, remove it from fire.
  6. Proceed with the washing of the tomatoes, the onions, leeks peeling off the garlics, the ginger, celeri and the percil. After washing them, cut them into very small sizes as you are not to grind. So make sure to cut them into small pieces so as to avoid grinding but using them this way.
  7. After this, go and continue where you ended with the chicken. At this stage, fry the chicken to be dry using groundnut oil. Depending on the amount, you can fry for a period of thirty minutes, for more or less all depends on you and the chicken quantity.
  8. Clean the irish potatoes, removing the peelings.
  9. Cut the irish potatoes into four parts, I mean each irish potato you are about to use.
  10. Salt the cut irish potatoes before putting it in a pot.
  11. Using a vapourizing pot, put the salty irish potatoes into it.
  12. Close the pot for a period of fifteen minutes.
  13. When it is ready, remove vapourizing pot from fire.
  14. Put groundnut oil in a clean pot, then lid the fire and place the pot unto it.
  15. Throw in the sliced tomatoes, onions, percil, celeri, leeks. When the tomatoes along with the other ingredients is ready, throw in first the tomatoes, then followed by the vaporized irish potatoes.
  16. Stir the food continuously for a period of thirty seconds.
  17. After doing this, close the pot.
  18. Allow the food on fire for a period of five minutes,
  19. After five minutes on fire, your pomme à la vapeur au poulet is ready to be enjoyed.

Enjoy your meal.

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