Singapore – Yong Tau Foo

by Ananya Fatima

Yong tau foo is actually a very unique and famous dish of HAKKA CHINESE. This is basically made with stuffed meat which is maybe chicken, beef, mutton, fish, or any other type of meat that you want, you can use it in your Yong Tau Foo. You have to add a variety of vegetables to it also. Its special thing is, it is available in dry or in soupy stuff also. If you want to eat dry Yong Tau Foo, then it is up to you.

Yong Tau Foo is actually named as “STUFFED TOFU”. It is famous with different names because some of the people used to say stuffed meat or stuffed tofu as well. These are like meatballs and used to serve with soup but many people used to eat with soup. So there are many vegetables that are stuffed with meat and many of the spices are used in it, which is compulsory.

Some of the people mixed different meat together, it is like a combination of fish and pork, chicken and beef, beef and mutton, etc.

There are many vegetables that we can use in it like,

  • Eggplant ( Compulsory )
  • Mushrooms
  • Tofu
  • Red chilies

You can add the fish paste in it also, if you don’t know about the fish paste then you should know about it because this fish paste is almost used in every dish of Singapore.

It is famous in many countries like SINGAPORE, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA,CHINA, HONG KONG, THAILAND, etc.


  • yong tao foo
  • yong tau fu
  • yong tau hu
  • yong tofu
  • yentafo


It is up to the people which type of tofu they want because tofu is like dry balls. If you add tofu in the soupy texture then it must be soupy tofu. But I recommend it to eat in a soupy texture, it will give a smooth soft texture and a healthy diet also.


Fish paste is the most popular ingredient or product in the WESTERN MARKET. This is a very unique ingredient and made the dish very tasty just by adding a simple ingredient.




  • Fish paste
  • meat
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • corn flour
  • sugar


  • Eggplant
  • tofu
  • oil
  • mushroom
  • red chili
  • salt


  • Chicken broth
  • sugar
  • salt
  • soy sauce


For fillings

  • First, you have to take a fish paste and meat, that must be mashed.
  • Add all the ingredients mentioned before.
  • Now leave it in the refrigerator.

For Soup

  • For preparing soup, take a bowl, and add chicken stock in it.
  • Add soy beans in it.
  • Leave it on the medium heat.
  • Now strain the water, and add soup in the other bowl.

For vegetables

  • First, you have to boil the mushrooms so they can be soft.
  • Now chop all the vegetables that you want in your dish and boil them.
  • You can also add vinegar to it for some fresh aroma.
  • Tak all the vegetables aside after that.

Now put all the things together and serve it in the pot.



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