Cameroon – Kwacoco Bible

by Nghonazie Annabel

Kwacoco Bible is grated cocoyam mixed with spinach, palm oil, spices, smoked fish, crayfish, wrapped in plantain leaves and steamed and is cooked by many families, reasons being that it is economical and it has an ancestral link, that is, it is being perpetuated right from our ancestors to our grandparents till present date. Moreover, it is cheap and the ingredients can be easily found even at the back of the yard thus it reduces the stress of walking long distances to find the ingredients and it is very economical.

Kwacoco Bible is grated cocoyam mixed with spinach, palm oil, spices, smoked fish, crayfish, wrapped in plantain leaves and steamed.

Kwacoco Bible is a delicacy commonly prepared in the south west region of Cameroon.

It is a very delicious meal which can be taken as a main dish, snacks, packs for picnics, eleventies and so on.

It saves as a form of business as many people prepare it and sell in order to raise income especially most struggling families in the south west region of Cameroon


The cooking method used is steaming

INGREDIENTS (Basic recipe)

  • 10 large Cocoyam
  • 3 medium sized  spinach leaves
  •  1/2 liter  palm oil
  • 3 medium sized dry strong kanda fish or smoked fish
  • A cup of crayfish
  • 2 grains of country onions
  • 5  fresh plantain leaves
  •  salt and Maggie to taste
  • 1 liter of  water


  1. Sundry the freshly harvested plantain leaves or pass it over hot flame for some seconds, this is to make it soft and easier to fold in the grated cocoyam mixture. Wipe the leaves using a clean wet kitchen towelWash the spinach leaves and slice neatly into a bowl
  2. Carefully remove the bones from the fish, wash and cut into small pieces
  3. Peel, wash and grate the cocoyam into a bowl using a grater
  4. Add palm oil bit by bit until the desired colored is reached. Mix the grated cocoyam and palm oil well using a wooden spatula
  5. Add ground country onions, dry smoked fish, crayfish, spinach into the mixture then use a wooden spoon to mix to homogeneity
  6. Add salt and Maggie to taste
  7. Pour in water into the mixture and stir and make sure the mixture is of a dropping consistency
  8. Using a cooking spoon, scoop the mixture and pour on the plantain leaves to a desired size
  9. Wrap  the mixture into the leave carefully making sure the leaves doesn’t get torn
  10. Put it in a pot and steam for 2-3 hours under high heat so as to allow the kwacoco bible to get ready well because cocoyam normally itches in the neck and the tongue so if it’s not well cooked it becomes a problem
  11. Remove and unwrap from the plantain leaves.

Kwacoco Bible is ready to be saved

After unwrapping it from the leaves, cut into smaller slices and save in a nice plate.

Kwacoco Bible can be eaten just like that as well as it can be saved with

  • Banga soup
  • Canda source
  • Tomato source
  • Okro soup.

Kwacoco bible is delicious and highly nutritive and can be eaten by everyone. Enjoy your meal.

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