Cameroon – Groundnut Soup With Cow Leg Meat

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Groundnut soup is a special soup of its kind. It is a very unique type of food eaten with cooked groundnut as a complementary to the sauce being prepared with. The taste of this food is that of chocolate in its first state of better still in its original nature. This food is being cooked by the people of the East region found in Cameroon. It is really a local cuisine as it is being prepared in a real local manner and form. They enjoy it this way as for them, it is believed it contains so much proteins.

Cooking method

The cooking method being used here is that of stewing and boiling.

Cooking Ingredients

  • Three fresh tomatoes
  • Cow leg
  • Onions
  • Four cups of uncracked groundnuts
  • A hand full of celeri
  • A hand full of percil
  • A glove of garlics
  • Ginger

Seasoning Ingredients

  • Groundnut oil
  • Maggi crevette
  • Maggi cube
  • Salt to taste

Cooking process of this special meal

The cooking process here is quite easy and very straighforward with no difficulty in apprehension and comprehension.

  1. Wash the groundnut
  2. Boil the groundnut for a period of thirty minutes
  3. Wash the cow leg meat
  4. Cut it into small quantities, then the next thing to do is to boil it for a period of one hour so that it totally becomes ready.
  5. When it is ready, remove the meat from fire.
  6. Place in a clean bowl of water and cover
  7. Prepare the tomatoes, the onions, the celeri, the percil and slice them into small quantities.
  8. After doing this, prepare the tomatoes, the percil and the celeri for grinding.
  9. After grinding, put groundnut oil on fire
  10. When it begins to steam, pour in the grinded ingredients into the pot and close.
  11. Stir your pot adding in salt and maggi little by little
  12. Wait for a period of five to ten minutes.
  13. Make sure that the fire is on low heat when cooking the food. If it is on high heat, it is not good on high, it is excellent of low heat.
  14. When the ingredients on fire begin to steam, throw in the boiled cow leg meat into the steaming pot.
  15. Wait for a period of ten minutes. You can still wait for a period of fiften minutes.
  16. After a period of fiften throw in the boiled groundnut into the pot.
  17. Close your pot and wait for a moment of five minutes.
  18. After these five minutes, your food is ready.

Enjoy this local cuisine coming from the East of Cameroon.

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