Cameroon – Roasted Plantains and Palm Oil/Source

By Verdzekov Bernard

This dish is really simple. Looking at it, you may say, what type of a dish is this. Warmed palm oil and plantains or cassava or coco. This dish you see above is what most African parents leaved on for so many years before the discovery of new food types. They depend on so many simple dishes for their survival. The dish is very simple and affordable. Most African parents that leaved in poverty often ate this, in times of war to and even now, with the introduction of other dishes, the still eat this during traditional activities in palaces and homes. The two countries this meal is common in are Nigeria and Cameroon. These two countries have so many ethnic tribes. This meal gives a deep reminder of are four fathers and a traditional stand point of culture and tradition to the African people.


  • Plantains. Ripe or half ripe. (5 or 10)
  • Palm oil. 
  • Salt to taste 
  • Pepper 
  • Charcoal 
  • Grill-yash or grill stray.
  • Tomatoes (optional)
  • Fish (optional)


  • Light up your charcoal. Make sure it is heated up with no flames.
  • Peel your plantains and put on the grill stray to roast. It will depend on those that want to eat.
  • After roasting, put your palm oil in a pot and stand on heat. Make sure it doesn’t bleach. It doesn’t need too. warm the oil. When it is warm and the former thick nature of the oil becomes lighter, put your pinch of salt to taste and pepper if you are a pepper lover and to those eating with you. 
  • Serve with hot roasted plantains, or cassava or roasted coco.


Adding tomatoes to the recipe is optional. The reason I added tomatoes to the ingredients is because, some will like theirs to be spicy a little with some fish. But the way our four-fathers ate this particular, is as explained above. 

So, if you are adding tomatoes, you will have to fry. Same as you will do for the fish. 


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