Cameroon – Ista Meat Pie With Beignet Farine

by Joella Eve

Ista meat pie with beignet farine is a meal eaten during an occasion, mostly a short party between organized among close relatives. Ista meat pie is the name given because it has to do with so many combinations of various types of meat. There is chicken, beef, cow and even pork. Though the celebration is among close relatives, it is very rich in terms of cuisine. As a start of the occasion, all members most serve on their plates chicken, beef and pork with beignet farine before moving to something else. It is just like a ritual that has to be respected and followed by all those attending the ceremony. It is a ceremony that does not last long. Most often, it stays for a period of three hours at most. After three hours, everyone goes to his home. That is how it is. Ista meat pie with beignet farine is a meal that is being eaten during ceremonies in the Metropolitan city of Yaounde, Cameroon.

Cooking Method

The cooking method used in cooking Ista meat pie with beignet farine is frying and frying. The chicken shall be fried, the beignet also, where as the cow meat and pork shall be roasted

Cooking Ingredients

  • Half kilo of cow meat
  • Half kilo of pork
  • One quarter chicken
  • Red liquid pepper
  • Maggi
  • Salt
  • Small chewing sticks
  • Small Tomatoes
  • Half litre of groundnut oil
  • One full onions

Frying ingredients of beignet farine

  • Half kilo of farine
  • One sachet of levure
  • Half kilo of sugar
  • Four eggs

Cooking process

  • Wash the cow meat thoroughly and cut in small parts. In very small parts
  • Wash the pork and cut in small parts, in very small parts.
  • Wash the one quarter chicken and cut in small parts
  • After was washing each one after the one, begin to roast the ones you have to roast and fry the ones you have to fry.
  • Begin by roasting that is the cow meat and the pork
  • Since you have already washed and sliced them, mix them with the salt and maggi so as to give them taste. Make sure to mix them well so that the salt and maggi penetrates well into the meat.
  • After doing this, begin to roast. Begin roasting the cow meat.
  • When you finish roasting the cow meat, insert chewing sticks between them
  • When you finish with this, roast then the pork.
  • After roasting the pork, insert the pork in the chewing sticks.
  • After doing this, fry then the chicken.
  • Before frying the chicken, mix the uncooked chicken with salt and maggi.
  • Mix them well together,
  • After mixing them, begin frying them.
  • Fry one slice of chicken after the other.
  • Unlike the cow meat and pork, do not put chewing sticks in the fried chicken, allow it to be as you fried.

Proceed with the frying of the beignet farine

  1. Mix the half kilo of farine with the sugar and the levure
  2. Mix them for a period of five minutes
  3. After five minutes, break the eggs and throw into the mixed flour.
  4. Once more mix them together.
  5. Instead of five minutes, mix for ten minutes.
  6. When the paste of the farine is hard enough, begin to fry.
  7. Put groundnut oil on fire
  8. Wait for the groundnut oil to steam well.
  9. When it does steam steam well, begin to fry your beignet, forming them with your hand into small balls and throwing into the hot groundnut oil.
  10. Fry them all, diligently and very well.

Though it takes time, it is worth the time being taken.

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