Yaounde, Cameroon – Noix de coco dans le riz saute

by Jeolla Even

The name given to this local cuisine is interesting, it has its origin fron french. Noix de coc dans le riz saute tells you the story of the french speaking side of Cameroon. The story is about the assimilation and adoption of western culture and African culture which manifest itself in Noix de coco dans le riz saute. This being that Noix represents the culture of Camerronians and riz represents the installment of Western culture in Cameroon. Coconut on its own is rich in fiber and also MCTs as it offers so much benefits to the body like improved heart health, easy digestion and weight loss. Le riz dans


  • Half kilo of rice
  • One full coconut
  • Salt and maggi
  • Groundnut oil
  • Crayfish
  • Dry fish
  • Celeri and percil
  • Three fresh tomatoes


  1. The first thing to do is to crack the coconut, remove the water and slice the coconut into very small pieces or sizes.
  2. Wash your tomatoes alongside with the percil and celeri. It may be surprising not to use onions, but i twill be the case.
  3. Clean your dry fish and cut it into small pieces. After preparing all the necessary things, start with the cooking straighforward.
  4. Pour a small quantity of groundnut oil into the pot, then followed by tomatoes, percil and celeri. Allow the tomatoes and percil to become dry before doing anything further. Remember, do not be on a haste, take your time.
  5. Next, when the tomatoes and the percil with celeri are dry enough, put the rice into the pot and stir for sometime. While stirring, make sure to add maggi and salt the same time. After doing this, from the coconut, the first thing you should put into the pot first is the coconut water. After doing so stir. From now on, you can begin to put water into the pot. First put a cup of water, then you observe for two minutes. After the observation, you can now put the crayfish and dry fish simultaneously and stir. After stirring, make sure to add another cup of water. Depending on the quantity of rice you are cooking, you could add more than just one cup of water.
  6. When you notice the rice is about to be ready, you can now pour the chopped coconut into your pot of rice. Just stay very lighly. After one minute on fire, remove your noix de coco dans le riz from fire. Your food is ready. Go on and enjoy yourself.
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