Cameroon – White Beans and Ripe Plantains

by Nghonazie Annabel

White beans is considered here as a rich man’s meal since it is prepared mostly with meat, fish, canda, crayfish which is somehow costly. Nonetheless one can still prepare white beans without the meat, canda and fish but at least one of these should be included. White beans and ripe plantains is such a delicious meal which is very palatable to the eyes and mouth watering just looking at it served in a plate. Most people are afraid to prepare white beans because it is a very delicate specie of beans which requires a lot of attention and supervision during the boiling process because if it is over boiled it’s going to get too soft and might lightly turn into a paste and a whole pot of delicious meal will be of waste just like that. If it doesn’t get cooked too to the correct the correct point it will be strong and won’t be good for consumption. So white beans is a delicate meal but once the measures are taken and the boiling is successful, the chef will be so happy because it’s such a delicious and nutritive meal.

Cooking process

White beans is prepared by boiling and frying

Cooking ingredients

  • 4 cups of white beans
  • Ripe plantains
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Canda
  • Green pepper
  • Carrot and green beans
  • Groundnut oil
  • Gallic
  • White pepper
  • Crayfish
  • Maggi and salt to taste

Cooking process

  • Wash white beans and put on the fire. Boil for at most 1 hour 10 minutes. During boiling make sure you always check and taste to check if it is ready. So a lot of vigilance is required
  • Wash meat, cut into smaller pieces and boil.
  • When the meat is almost ready, add the fish and canda
  • Remove and keep aside
  • Slice tomatoes, onions green spices, carrot and green beans, green pepper and keep aside. Grind Gallic, white pepper , some of the green spices and green pepper
  • Put groundnut oil in a pot and put on the fire
  • When it’s hot, put the sliced ingredients and fry until ready
  • Add the grind spices and stir
  • Put the boiled meat, fish and canda and turn well
  • Add crayfish, Maggi and salt and stir well
  • Now put the white beans stir and allow to fry for 10 minutes
  • Delicious white beans is ready.
  • Peel ripe plantains and boil
  • Remove and put in a flask
  • Serve the white beans and ripe plantains in a plate
  • Eat semi hot

Good appetite and remember to drink water always.

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