Cameroon – Kambass With Turning Cocoa Yams and Cocoa Leaves

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Kambass with turning cocoa yams and cocoa leaves is a very delicious meal. Kambass is a type of seafood that is eaten in the place of beef or pork. It is highly recommended as a seafood. The reason people enjoy and love eating kambass is due to the fact that it is very rich in calcium which is necessary for the formation and maintenance of bones. The mixture of Kambass with turning coco yams and leaves gives it higher taste like the taste of burnt coco yams. Kambass generally is a very expensive meal which makes it difficult for most people to buy it and cook it. So as to eat and enjoy this delicious meal, they see themselves going to restaurants so as to enjoy it among themselves as friends or family in general. Cooking this special meal is not hard, but what is expensive are the ingredients used to prepare it especially the Kambass. Kambass are sea creatures that are caught by fishermen living at the coastal areas of Cameroon, precisely coastal areas like Dibamba, Batcham in different regions and localities of Cameroon.

Cooking method

Kambass with turning coco yams and leaves is being cooked by boiling and stewing

Cooking ingredients

1-A half litre of Kambass

2- Six cocoa yams

3- A bundle of cocoa leaves

4- Half cup of red oil

5- Berry seeds

6- Salt for tasting and giving a natural taste.

7- One fresh onions

8- Two tomatoes

9- One red pepper

Cooking process

  1. Wash the kambass using salt.
  2. Wash it like four times with the use of salt.
  3. After this, rinse it two times without salty water.
  4. Then boil it for like five minutes
  5. Wash the tomatoes with clean water three times removing all dirt.
  6. Rinse the tomatoes for the fourth and fifth time with clean water.
  7. After this, slice it into small halves
  8. Wash then the onions for about two times, and slice it into small halves
  9. Join the sliced onions and the tomatoes together and grind them at the same time using the moulinex. Pour in a half cup of water into the moulinex.
  10. Grind with the moulinex for about thirty seconds.
  11. Pour the grinded tomatoes and onions in a clean bowl.
  12. Proceed to the cocoa yams
  13. Remove the peelings off the coco yams and cut into small halves.
  14. Wash then the cocoa yams for like four to five times making sure to remove all the dirt from it.
  15. Take the coco leaves and slice into small halves.
  16. After this, wash the sliced coco leaves for five times removing all the sand from it.
  17. Having prepared all the ingredients, proceed to the cooking in proper.
  18. Pour into the pot, the red oil
  19. After this, pour into the pot the grinded tomatoes and onions and stir.
  20. Next should follow the cocoa yams and the cocoa leaves
  21. After this should follow the salt, just a pinch of salt is enough.
  22. Pour into the pot a cup of water.
  23. Followed by a half cup of water
  24. Allow the food for twenty five minutes on fire
  25. After twenty five minutes on fire, what shoul follow is the Kambass.
  26. The Kambass should stay at most for five minutes on fire.
  27. If it stays for more than five minutes on fire, it will become soft which is not good.
  28. Five minutes is good on fire.
  29. After five minutes on fire, your Kambass with turning cocoa yams and coca leaves is ready.

Serve yourself and then enjoy your food.

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