Cameroon – Dry Meat With Red Pepper and Yellow Pepper

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia

Dry meat with red pepper and yellow pepper is a local cuisine that deals in giving much appetite to people that consume it as it is highly associated with the drinking of alcohol. The use of dry meat is that the meat is dried up for about two weeks before it is prepared. The meat is dried on the zinc for every day for a period of 15 days nonstop. Rain does not have to fall on it. The eating of Dry meat with red pepper and yellow pepper is prepared often on Sunday’s morning around 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM. It is being cooked at this time of the day because it has to cause in people the desire to drink much alcohol and for a very long period of time. It makes them to drink from morning to evening time without getting tired from drinking. Reason why the meal is first cooked, eaten before the start of drinking, reason why there is a high consumption of red pepper and yellow pepper before the start of a whole day drinking. The taste of this food Dry meat with red pepper and yellow pepper is that of hot steak meat due to the burning inside of the red pepper and yellow pepper. This type of enjoyment is common among the youths who want to spend some quality time together for a whole day. This food is mostly consumed in the region of Yaounde, Cameroon in the hot area of Bastos.

Cooking method

The cooking method of Dry meat with red pepper and yellow pepper is steaming.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. Half kilo of dry meat
  2. One fresh tomato
  3. Five yellow pepper
  4. Six red pepper.
  5. A cup of groundnut oil
  6. One maggi cube

Cooking process

  1. Put the dry meat in a bucket of clean water for about forty five minutes
  2. After forty five minutes, remove from the bucket and place in a bowl
  3. Wash the fresh tomato and chop into very small parts.
  4. The chopped tomato should be very small in size.
  5. Slice the red pepper into small halves as well
  6. Slice the yellow pepper into small halves as well.
  7. After slicing the red pepper and the yellow pepper, wash them well with clean water.
  8. Make sure to wash your hands as well so as to remove the pepper from your hands.
  9. Continue with your cooking after washing and rinsing your hands.
  10. Put groundnut oil on fire
  11. Allow the groundnut oil on fire for like two minutes.
  12. After two minutes on fire, put the sliced tomato into the pot.
  13. Allow on fire for about two minutes
  14. Put the dry meat into the pot.
  15. Then put the red pepper and the yellow pepper into the pot.
  16. Pour a half cup of water into the pot.
  17. Take the one maggi and put into the pot.
  18. Allow the food on fire for about fifteen minutes.
  19. Within fifteen minutes on fire, remove your food.

Your Dry meat with red pepper and yellow pepper is ready to be eaten and enjoyed with a cold bottle of beer.

Enjoy your meal

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