Cameroon – Mbanga’a Soup With White Fufu

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia

Mbanga’a soup with white fufu is a cuisne made of local items. The Mbanga’a itself is made from the palm kennel so as to give the soup. The taste of this soup is the taste of red oil. If you have ever tasted red oil in its pure form and nature, it means you have already had the taste of Mbanga’a soup in your mouth. There is just a slight difference, the taste is practically the same. The slight difference comes from the ingredients that are being included when cooking the Mbanga’a soup. For the rest it is same. Mbanga’a soup can be eaten with many things, but in our case, it shall be eaten with white fufu. Mbanga’a soup comes from the locality of Noni in Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking methods are as follows. For the Mbanga’a soup, the cooking method is boiling and for the white fufu, the cooking method is turning and boiling.

Cooking Ingredients of Mbanga’a soup

The cooking ingredients for Mbanga’a soup are the following.

  1. Five litres of palm kennel
  2. Two onions
  3. Salt
  4. Two maggi cubes
  5. Half kilo of Canda meat
  6. Two red pepper

Cooking ingredients of White fufu

The cooking ingredients of White fufu are the following.

  1. Two kilos of white fufu powder substance

Cooking process of Mbanga’a soup.

The cooking process of Mbanga’a soup is as follow:

  1. Wash kennel with clean water so as remove all the dirt from it. You could wash it like two or three times depending on how dirty the palm kennel is. You could even wash it more than three times. Solely depends unto you.
  2. After wash it, put half pot of water on fire.
  3. Allow the water to boil
  4. When the water begin to boil, throw into the pot, the palm kennel.
  5. Allow it on fire for a duration of thirty minutes.
  6. When the palm kennel is soft and ready enough, pound it with a stick so as to remove the red liquid substance from it.
  7. Separate the remains from the red liquid substance. It is this red liquid substance that shall be used to cook the Mbanga’a soup.
  8. Cut the canda meat into small.
  9. After cutting it, boil it for about twenty minutes.
  10. After twenty minutes remove from fire.
  11. Wash and grind the red pepper
  12. Wash the onions, slice it and grind it afterwards.
  13. Take the red liquid substance and pour into the pot
  14. Afterwards, throw into the pot the grind red pepper and onions, followed by the maggi cube and the salt.
  15. After this, throw into the pot the canda meat.
  16. Pour half cup of water into the pot and close the pot.
  17. Allow the food on fire for fifteen minutes.
  18. After fifteen minutes, you have your Mbanga’a soup ready.

Picture below.

Cooking process of white fufu

  1. Boil water for a duration of thirty minutes.
  2. When the water has boiled enough, reduce the amount of water on fire.
  3. Throw into the pot the white fufu powder substance and begin to turn over and over adding water from time to time as the substance begins to take shape and become ready.
  4. Depending on how you mix and turn it, the paste shall either become hard or soft depending on your liking. When it will be ready, it shall have the white color and form as below;

Serve the two on two separate plates and enjoy your Mbanga’a soup with white fufu.

Good Appetite.

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