Cameroon – Snail Source

By Verdzekov Bernard

Snail is good meat in Cameroon. Oh yes. Very nice meat. So-many stories have been said about snails. The snail is said to be the slowest living thing God created to exist on earth. The snail doesn’t run. It doesn’t go fast. It moves slowly, and when touched it goes it to it shell. Snails are reared in Cameroon. They are kept in their numbers and when matured, they are removed and cooked. 

Snails are kept in dark enclosed, muddy/wet areas. The area should be close because in as much as the don’t run, or need to much attention the can still escape. They could eat things like pear, very soft carrots, fish etc. you may never see when they are eating unless you are very vigilant and observant. To prepare snails, follow instructions below.


  • Snails
  • Curry powder 
  • Tomatoes
  • 2 bulbs of onion 
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi
  • Vegetable oil
  • Green spices (optional)


  • Remove the snails from their shells using a knife. Prepare them properly making sure you are using clean water. The snails have to be perfectly clean. This first stage of washing is to make sure the draw substance from the snail is removed.
  • When washing snails, most at times I use rice. Bit of rice to wash them well. The rice there helps to act as the rough surface I use in washing the snail. After washing, Rinse thoroughly making sure the rice you use in washing is removed.
  • Put the snail in a pot put water in it and stand on heat. Allow it to boil well for about 15min. Remove and drain the water.
  • Slice your onions and put aside.
  • Slice your tomatoes to and put aside.
  • Put vegetable oil in the cooking pot, heat it up, fry onions. After that you fry tomatoes, you may want to add your green spice, but you can still do that at the end. Fry for about 5-10min then add your snails. You may cut your snails into small half’s as well as you may love to fry it whole. But cut so that the spices touch all parts of the snails. Fry for about 15min. add your curry powder. This curry powder is to add up flavor. Add your Maggi and salt to taste. Allow for about 5min while steering. 
  • Remove and serve with ripe plantains, or with boiled garri. 
  • If you want your source to be watery you may add bit of water as well when frying.

Enjoy your meal. Thank you.

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