Cameroon – Plantain Malaxé Jaune Avec Poison Frit

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia

Plantain malaxé jaune avec poison frit is the traditional meal of the Bami tribe cultural food. It is mostly cooked during important times like the birth of a newborn baby. The new born baby has to be welcomed in the best of ways by the parents of the child, the close family members and visitors who come by to see the child. The use of the yellow color in cooking plantain malaxé jaune avec poison frit is very symbolic in the eyes of the community. It is an opportunity of gathering between family members and an immense opportunity to share experiences among themselves and welcome the new born baby in the best of ways within the family. Plantain malaxé jaune avec poison frit finds its place from the Bami village in the Western plateau.

Cooking ingredients

  1. A bundle of soft plantains. The plantains to be used are short in size.
  2. Yellow spices
  3. Condiment
  4. Three fresh tomatoes
  5. One fresh ginger
  6. Celery
  7. Percil
  8. One fresh onions
  9. A glove of garlics
  10. Half kilo of fresh fish.
  11. A cup of red oil.
  12. Groundnut oil to fry the fish
  13. Salt
  14. Maggi

Cooking process

  1. Remove the peelings off the plantains.
  2. Make sure not to cut the plantains in halves. It shall be used in this manner.
  3. Wash the plantains, scrubbing out the hard part of the peelings of the plantains
  4. After washing the plantains, allow it in the bucket of water for like thirty minutes so that it becomes soft
  5. Wash the tomatoes, the celery, percil, and slice thme in small halves
  6. Remove the peelings off the ginger and cut in small parts
  7. Remove the peelings off the garlics and cut in small parts
  8. Using the moulinex, grind all of these together, putting a little amount of water when grinding these condiment
  9. Clean the fish and cut in three halves
  10. Pour groundnut oil in a frying pan so as to fry the fish
  11. After frying the fish, pour red oil in a clean soil
  12. Wait for the red oil to steam
  13. When it does steam, pour the grinded condiment and species in the hot pot of oil
  14. Stir the species on fire
  15. Wait for like two minutes
  16. Put a little bit of salt in the species on fire
  17. When it is hot enough, throw the plantains in the pot
  18. Putting salt and maggi in the same time, then a small quantity of water
  19. Three cups of water will be sufficient depending on the quantity of the plantains
  20. Close the pot for five minutes
  21. After forty five minutes, throw into the pot the fried
  22.  fish and close the pot for about five minutes
  23. After five minutes, your food is ready

Bonne Degustation à Vous

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