Cameroon – Ngwelle White Yams With White Beans

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

To know better a village or tribe, there is no other way than through its cultural aspect. The cultural aspect of a village differentiates from one tribe to another. In some, in resides in dresses, others on customs and traditions, other in statues, others in the aspect of food. In the case of Ngwelles, to have a bit of taste of their culture, it is no other than through their food. The Ngwelle land is a rich land in terms of food resources and different types of food. White yams with white beans is one of the many culinary dishes the people of Ngwelle have in their possession. Ngwelle white yams with white beans talks of the hospitality the Ngwelles are known for. It is a very hospitable area and one of the ways visitors are being received is through a meal of White yams with white beans. It is very dear to heart for a Ngwelle man tp receive you in this manner. For a Ngwelle man, it is more important than offering you a bottle of palm wine with kolanut as it is the case in other tribes, for them, it is white yams with white beans that matters most and is of significance and importance to them. Ngwelle white yams with white beans is a meal found in Ngwelleland in Cameroon.

Cooking method

In cooking the Ngwelle white yams with white beans, the white yams is boiled whereas the white beans is boiled.

Cooking ingredients

  1. A tubor of white yams
  2. Three cups of white beans
  3. Two tomatoes for the red substance
  4. Groundnut oil.
  5. Maggi cube
  6. Salt to taste

Cooking process

  1. Remove the peelings of the white yams
  2. Cut the white yams to be less big in the size
  3. After cutting it to be smaller in size, boil the white yams
  4. Boil the white yams for over forty twenty minutes. It should stay between twenty and thirty minutes on fire.
  5. When the white yams is ready, remove from fire.
  6. When it has been removed from fire, make sure to allow the lid of the pot half open. Do not close entirely the pot. Allow it to be half open.
  7. Next cook the tomato substance which shall be place on top of the white beans.
  8. Prepare the tomatoes by washing it and cutting it
  9. Grind the tomatoes
  10. Next thing to do is to pour a little bit of groundnut oil on fire.
  11. When the groundnut oil steams, put the tomatoes into the pot.
  12. Put a little of salt and maggi cube.
  13. Pour just a tablespoon of water into the pot.
  14. Allow the tomato on fire for three minutes.
  15. Proceed next to the cooking of the white beans.
  16. Wash the white beans
  17. On fire, white beans generally stay longer than red beans.
  18. On fire, the white beans shall stay for one hour thirty minutes.
  19. To know that is ready, taste a grain of the white beans using a spoon.
  20. Noticing that it is ready, pour groundnut oil in the pot.
  21. After this, put the boiled white beans in the pot putting a little bit of salt and maggi altogether.
  22. Close the pot for just five minutes.
  23. When it is ready serve unto a plate.

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