Cameroon – Okereke Meat With Stewed Spaghetti

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Okereke meat is name given to fried meat here in Cameroon, due to the fact that it is being cooked in a local manner. Instead of using ground nut in the frying process, it is being fried with the use of red oil and it is very delicious in the mouth. Red oil is the highest form of consume oil after the groundnut oil. Despite the increasing use of groundnut oil, red oil still remains the choice of the inhabitants since it is being locally prepared in a local manner with local tools, reason why red oil is being used in the frying of the meat because for them, it gives them an added taste for them which cannot be can not be compared with the preparation of the okereke meat with groundnut oil. So for them, using red oil is better off that using groundnut oil in the preparation of okereke meat. The taste is that of burnt meat. Okereke meat with stewed spaghetti is coming from the village of Nouni in the department of Fefe.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the preparation of Okereke meat with stewed spaghetti are two. There is the frying of the meat and the stewing of the spaghetti.

Cooking ingredients

  • Half kilo of meat
  • A sachet of spaghetti
  • Groundnut oil
  • Red oil
  • Two tomatoes
  • One full onions
  • Leeks for the boiling of the meat
  • A hand full of celeri
  • A hand full of percil
  • Pepper to add taste to the food

Seasoning ingredients

  • A small amount of salt
  • Two maggi cubes
  • Pepper to add more taste

Cooking process

  1. Wash the half kilo of meat
  2. Slice the meat into small pieces
  3. Wash the tomatoes, the onions, the celeri and percil all together. After washing it, slice them all.
  4. Wash the leeks that will be used in the boiling of the meat
  5. After washing the meat and slicing it, put water on fire, then throw in the sliced meat and the leeks into the water on fire. Put in a small amount of salt. Then close your pot for around 45 minutes
  6. When it is ready, remove from fire
  7. Wait for the meat to get cold
  8. When it does become cold, fry the meat using red oil.
  9. First put the red oil on fire for it to steam, when it steams, fry then the meat.
  10. Go the next stage of the cooking.
  11. Put groundnut oil on fire, take the sliced ingredients and throw into the groundnut oil.
  12. When it begins to steam, throw in the fried meat into the pot.
  13. Before then, boil the spaghetti for around ten minutes and place it into a clean bowl
  14. Take the boiled spaghetti and throw into the pot of steaming tomatoes and onions with the other ingredients. Stir the pot and put a small amout of salt and maggi,
  15. Add a half cup of water.
  16. Close the pot for around ten minutes.
  17. It should not go above ten minutes.
  18. After ten minutes, your food is ready.

Serve your Okereke meat with stewed spaghetti.

Enjoy my meal for you.

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