Cameroon – Raffia Palm Seeds With Thong Fish

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Raffia Palm seeds is another type of palm that is grown up here locally. The seed is being eaten after a series of boiling. It takes a great time to boil the seeds as it stays for a longtime on time. The taste of this palm seeds after boiling is the one of salt. The taste sounds like salt in the mouth since it being boiled with the use of salt. Just eating the raffia palm seeds is very good, then eating it thong fish gives it an exceptional taste. Thong is general and worldly eaten fish that is being consumed in all nations and territories on earth due to the fact that it reproduces fast in sea or in waters. The appreciation of thong is due to the fact it is good for the human health and contains less fats and lipids that is not good for the human health and body as a whole. It is very rich in proteins. The taste is magical and less salty as the thong fish shall be cooked without the use of salt nor maggi. In other words, this is a nature given food to man. Raffia palm seeds with thong fish is cooked in the locality of the Tiko in the south West region of Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method of raffia palm seeds with thong fish is boiling. Both the seeds of the raffia palm and the fish are being boiled. The y are boiled separately and not at the same time.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. One kilo of raffia palm seeds
  2. Half kilo of thong fish
  3. Salt

Cooking process

To cook this meal does not require so much knowledge in cooking. In fact the knowledge is just about boiling which is obviously not a process for anyone. So what is hard about this meal is the time needed in order to boil the raffia palm seeds. As for boiling the thong fish, it does not require so much time to do so.

  1. The first thing to do is to wash the raffia palm seeds. Most often the raffia palm seeds is very dirty and it deserves so much water to wash it. When washing, make sure the water is absolutely clean. For the raffia palm kennels to be clean, wash it over and over for a number of five times, making sure that you are rinsing it well. Do not wash with your savon, just use your hands in washing it. Scrub together so as to remove the black dirt form it.
  2. Having finished in washing the raffia palm seeds, you can then boil it. Boiling it demands like 1h30Minutes for it to be really ready.
  3. In the meantime, make sure to be checking the raffia palm seeds so that water should not dry off and it burns out.
  4. When boiling, make sure to use salt.
  5. After this, boil also the thing fish
  6. Clean the fish from within and from without.
  7. Remove the skin of the fish with the use of a knife.
  8. After removing the skin of the fish, cut the fish in small parts.
  9. Boil if after doing so. The boiling takes five minutes depending on the power of the fire.

Good Appetite!

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