Cameroon – River Prawn Cuisine

By Verdzekov Bernard

In Cameroon around the seashore, there are many women and men there, ready to serve you with this delicious sea delicacy. This cuisine unlick any other sea food is so delicious and is eating by so many people who visit. This is common with countries that have the ocean or sea. But some don’t do this by the sea or ocean. Rather, they take it to town restaurants to prepare it. Fish and prawns all leave in water. This is God blessed creatures to humans. Fisher men, with large boots, go to the oceans and bring out the matured fish, which are used as food on land to sustain humans. 

Prawn are small in size, but delicious when prepared well. In Cameroon, we have the river of prawns. This is the river Wouri. River Wouri is the largest river in Cameroon. This river was named by a Portuguese explorer. He named the river, Rio dos Cameroes, which means, “River of Prawns”. Away with the short history, to prepare prawns, follow guide below;


  • One bulb of onions
  • Prawn (desired amount)
  • Curry powder 
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi
  • Garlic cloves 
  • Lime juice
  • Foil paper 
  • Bowl 
  • Grill pan 
  • Vegetable oil


  • If you buy frozen prawn, put in a bowl and add water to it so that it should de-froze   
  • You will have to clean the prawn before preparation. You will have to cut the front portion of the shrimp head.
  • Cut the longer legs found directly under the head. This longer legs are dry and don’t have any meat while the others have.
  • Divide the shell on the belly of the prawn. Cut it open right to the tail. There is a yellow substance you will find in the head. Don’t throw it because it is valued. Put it aside for later use.
  • After removing the yellowish paste, you will see a black sack that will be link to some veins, remove and discard. Right after that, rinse the prawn thoroughly
  • After you rinse the prawn, put back the yellow which substance you removed from the head. This is one of the most valued substance in the prawn.
  • Put in a grill pan, under very low heat and maybe cover with a foil paper or lead. Don’t allow it to overcook because it will dry off. once you see the yellow butter substance bubbling, and the meat is translucent, you can remove. This could take at list 6-12min.
  • In another small pot, place your sliced onions, blend garlics, fish water if necessary, lime water or juice, curry powder for more flavor and vegetable oil and fry. After 3min, add your prawn and fry for 5min more.
  • Some people will prefer their own prawn dry. Others will want it as writing above.


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