Cameroon – Chicken Carrots

by Jeolla Eve

Chicken carrots is a meal that is very simple to cook. The taste of this delicious meal is that of burnt plum. Burnt plum because it feels roasty and sweat at the same time. It feels roasty because of the chicken and sweat because of the carrot. Though in this case, the food is not burnt. Chicken carrots is meal eaten for various purposes. The first of the many reasons is because it lavishes more saliva in the mouth, making the person eating it to have a higher desire to eat it more and more. The second reason is that it is very rich in nutrients and extremely sweat in the mouth. Nowadays, people attention to what they eat and eating healthy is the goal of so many people today. Chicken carrots is a meal prepared in the locality of Zoetele in the centre region of Cameroon.

Cooking methods

The cooking method used to cook chicken carrots of frying.

NB: It is a simple method of frying, the frying should not be complicated.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Half kilo of chicken
  2. 8 fresh carrots
  3. Green beans
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Two fresh onions
  6. Celery
  7. Percil
  8. A bundle of ripe plantains
  9. Groundnut oil
  10. Maggi
  11. Salt
  12. Green beans
  13. Leeks
  14. Ginger
  15. Poiro
  16. Poivron

Cooking procedure

  1. Wash the half kilo of chicken
  2. Cut the half kilo of chicken into small halves
  3. Wash off the blood from the chicken once more
  4. Wash the chicken for like two or three times
  5. Using the leeks, boil the chicken for like thirty five minutes
  6. When the chicken has boiled enough and it is ready, remove from fire.
  7. Wash the carrots very well and slice into small halves.
  8. Cut the carrot depending on the size and length into halves of ten
  9. When cooking this meal, the carrot should be as much as possible because the food is constituted mostly of carrots.
  10. Wash the green beans
  11. Cut the green beans into small halves
  12. Wash the celery and cut into small
  13. Wash the percil also and cut into small
  14. Remove the peelings of the ginger and the garlics at the same time.
  15. Grind the ginger and garlics simultaneously. Make sure not to grind the percil and the celery. Use them fully. Just cut them.
  16. Also grind the poiro
  17. Wash the poivron and cut into small parts
  18. Remove the peelings of the ripe plantains
  19. Wash the ripe plantains for three or four times.
  20. After washing it, slice it into small parts.
  21. After preparing all the ingredients and items together put groundnut oil o fire in a pot.
  22. Throw into the pot the sliced carots, tomatoes, onions, celery, percil, poivron, poiro, ginger, garlics, green beans, plantains and also the chicken.

      NB: Make sure to put all into the pot at the same time. Stir the pot.

  • Then, put salt and maggi at the same time
  • Put a cup of water and close the pot.
  • Close the pot for ten minutes. Ten minutes is ready for your food to become ready.

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