India, Pakistan – Egg Paratha

By Arbaz Khan565612


A Paratha is a dish originated in Indian Subcontinent before 12th century. Paratha is a Hindi word. It is known as a one of the most popular breakfast in India and Pkistan. When the first paratha was made it was sweet paratha. There are many varieties of parathas in all over the world like sweet paratha, aloo paratha, besan paratha and salted paratha etc. This recipe is used as a breakfast. You can make paratha of any shape and size. Basically paratha is a stuffed flatbread. The flatbread is wheat flour such as roti and chapatti. Anyone can make this dish very easily. Paratha is usually made from flour and oil. Paratha can be made with oil and butter. An egg paratha is usually made from eggs. Egg paratha is found in Punjabi cuisine and lassi enhances its taste. Lassi is a yogurt drink famous in many countries in the world. Egg is a main ingredient in this dish. Egg paratha is fried in pan and served with lassi. Egg paratha can also be eaten simply without anything.


Preparation time = 15 minutes
Cooking time = 10 minutes
Total time = 25 minutes


  • Flour = 250 gram
  • Eggs = 4
  • Salt = half tablespoon
  • Milk = 200 gram
  • Oil/Butter = 125 gram


  • Take milk and add four eggs in it and shake it well.
  • Take flour and add half tablespoon of salt in it and mix it.
  • Now carefully knead the flour with milk of eggs.
  • Now take one third of its amount in hand and roll it with your hand.
  • Make a ball with it and then again roll it on a circular plane with a stick. A flat circular bread of this knead flour will be formed.
  • Add some oil on it and spread the oil. Also do this on another side.
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