Korean – Samgyetang

by Evelyn Brutz

Samgyetang is also known by many other names, Ginseng Chicken Soup is one of the names of this dish. Korean Ginseng is a small plant, with Chicken served as whole chicken in the soup. This dish is no included in the soups category. It may be served as the main course of the special occasion. This has a consistency like the soup with almost the same soup ingredients. Two main ingredients of this are already known from the name: Ginseng and Chicken. And other special ingredients of honor are Rice, Chinese Date, and garlic. They combine in the same dish gives very aromatic with rich flavors. These ingredients go well with this dish in which chicken and rice are included. This may be added into the clear soups category. If you want healthy and light lunch, this must be a great choice. This is also served as soups in many areas. It has rice, chicken, broth, it may be considered a healthy option before lunch or dinner.

It has many healthy factors to boost up the immunity and keeps you fresh. It is also considered as


It is considered best for summer when you are losing your energy by sweating and the heat of the sun makes your stamina level down. This is the one that can make up your body all requirements and make it even energetic in the summers. This is even good for winter to keep you warm, cozy and soothes your body.

This soup is very nutritious, tasty, tender, rich and delicious. It has all the healthy benefits.

  • It has a lot of protein needed by the body for healthy growth, especially for growing children.
  • It maintains the muscles’ tone and growth.
  • It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Improves weak health.
  • A healthy meal for malnutrition.

It is included in the class of TANG/GUK:


Tang is the class of Korean Cuisine in which soup-like dishes are included. Tang is less watery and more towards the thick versions of soup with those elements that make it thick like rice, flour, eggs, etc. Mostly, Tang and Guk are served with main rice dishes like Bap, Banchan, etc. This category is very versatile with many variations from light broths to heavily loaded soups.

Samgyetang is as from the name TANG, less watery thicker in consistency because of the addition of rice in broth with chicken which makes it thick. Soup is made up of whole large chicken, with rice stuffed inside, broth having aromatic ingredients and thick that can make you feel full of nutritions.


This is the type of the same in which whole large chicken is used as the chicken part in the soup. This cooks on low heat with lots of water that can make it cook for 2 hours. In this time, all the juices, nutrition’s mixed into the broth and make it very delicious. The tenderness of chicken with all the other elements and broth is very delicious when you cook it on low heat with a covered lid. This is very amazing to cook and serve.

But this soup has one ingredient that is not the part of the dish, ”GINSENG


This soup kind in which chicken is used in large size, larger than normal chick. Sometimes other birds are also be used like :

  • Duck
  • Turkey
  • Goose
  • Swan

This is the other version of this dish.


This is the dish in which chicken is served that is divided into half. This dish has no whole chicken served but it has the pieces of chicken served. It is very easy to cook recipe.

The whole chicken when not added, instead of it chicken pieces are added. This makes the dish to cook easily in no time.



This is the whole chicken which is added into this dish as the main serving and ingredient of the dish. It is also known as COQUELET. This is small chicken that is usually 400 to 500 grams. This is very commonly used before but now, large chicken is considered more attractive and delicious in this dish.

Whole chicken of nowadays usually used of 2.5 to 3 pounds. This is the old version of the dish in which poussin are used as the whole chicken element.


This is the small plant also known as PANAX GINSENG, CHINESE GINSENG or KOREAN GINSENG.

It is used in many Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes. It has a strong fragrance that makes the dish rich in fragrances with rich flavors like earthy flavor.

It is also served as Fork Medicine and herb to many curable diseases.


Jujube is the floral specie also known as CHINESE DATE, RED DATE, CHINESE JUJUBE. This is the element added to this dish and make it more tasty and healthy. Jujube is sweet in taste and added to this dish as thr medicine or herb with beautiful aroma.


This is the custom of Korean Lunar calendar, during which this dish is served. This dish is known as the dish to maintain the stamina in summer. So those three days considered as the hottest days of the year. And on those days, this dish is served. Days are known by their specific names in lunar calendar.


There is also a day, Samgyeopsal Day celebrated at March 3rd. This day is celebrated in South Korea as the national day of this delicious dish.


  • Chicken whole : 2 pounds
  • Ginseng dried root : 1 to 2 inch
  • Garlic cloves : 6
  • Jujube : 3
  • Scallions : 1 bunch
  • Ginger slices : 4 to 5
  • Onion : 1 small chopped
  • Salt : 1 tsp
  • Pepper : 1/4 tsp
  • Glutinous rice : 1 cup


  • Clean the chicken properly, now from the center of the chicken, rice is stuffed in it.
  • Rice must be enough to full the chicken from inside.
  • Add one or two cloves with rice into the chicken. This is the rice stuffing in with chicken can be cooked.
  • Tie up the legs together so rice can’t move out of chicken.
  • In a cooking pot add 6 cups of water with garlic, jujube, ginger, ginseng and onions.
  • Boil the water with ingredients and chicken for 10 minutes on medium flames, until simmering started.
  • Now cover the lid and cook it for 60 minutes on low heat.
  • When chicken tendered, add salt, pepper and chopped scallions.
  • Served hot.
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