Malawi – Thobwa

by Ananya Fatima

Thobwa is the very famous drink of Malawi. It is also called “SWEET BEER”. The special thing about this drink is that it is made of only three things and is very easy to make. Anyone who knows about this drink can make it, and those who don’t know even the ABC of cooking can also made this drink by themselves.

The three main ingredients are

  • maize
  • millet
  • sorghum

This drink is non-alcoholic but if we can leave this drink for few days then we can drink it as an alcoholic drink because it turned into beer due to the fermentation.

It is a very refreshing drink on Hot days. You can enjoy this drink in summer because it is very cold and helps you to prevent hotness. You have to ferment this drink for a little time, make sure that it is totally and equally fermented otherwise it is not good for human health, it can cause stomach problems because of more fermentation.

This is the ENERGY DRINK of Malawi peoples.


The meaning of Thobwa is “SWEET BEER” but it is not alcoholic. It is just named beer. This drink is related to the Malawian and Zambian fermented drinks. When you leave this drink for more than 6 days then its meaning change because then this drink turns into mowa or called beer, then its appearance also changes from cereal taste to beer taste.


The food of MALAWI is called MALAWI CUISINE. The main famous foods of MALAWI are Fish and tea. Malawi cuisines are one of the most simple food and easy to make. You can easily make all the dishes of Malawi with few steps of cooking. Maize is one of the most popular crops of Malawi cuisine. Cuisines of Malawi have totally consumed energy. Malawi’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture. Most Malawians live as farmers. This means that the family depends on growing its own crops. The food they eat is full of carbohydrates. Trying to provide enough energy for agriculture.


  • Mandasi
  • utipa
  • chambo
  • kuchi kuchi
  • malawi gin
  • ntochi
  • mawehu
  • nudiwo
  • nasima
  • dziwala
  • chibuku

Main Crops and Components

  • Sugar
  • coffee
  • corn
  • potatoes
  • sorghum
  • cattle
  • goats

Popular dishes

  • Chambo
  • Nsima
  • Kachumbari
  • Nthochi
  • Kondowde


This drink was originated from ZAMBIA but then famous in MALAWI and Malawi people use this drink as their energy. In ancient time, there were no energy drinks as compared to now so they use these natural things for their energy and this drink work as an energy drink.


It seems like milk but it is not as milky. It is just a drink that looks like milk but actually not.


Fermentation is actually a very old process of decomposing and utilizes the growth of bacteria. In this process, bacteria can be broken down into many other products. It totally changes the texture, color, smell, and taste of food.


  • Help to digest
  • Improve immunity
  • decrease risk of high blood pressure
  • decrease risk of diebeties
  • decrease risk of obesity
  • improve health


Sorghum is an eco-friendly product. Less natural resources are used for production and this model is sustainable production. Garlic fiber has a rich and neutral flavor, so it can be used in many gluten-free products. Sorghum contains many phenolic compounds that can be harmful to fruits, vegetables, and other grains.



  • sugar
  • water
  • maize
  • sorghum


  • Soak maize in the water.
  • leave it for few hours in the water.
  • When it looks like thick porridge.
  • Now leave it overnight for fermentation.
  • Boiled it next day.
  • add sugar.
  • Remove it.
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