Nepal – Laping

by Ananya Fatima

Laping is one of the spiciest noodles in Nepal. Basically, Laping noodles are related to Tibetan cuisine. These noodles are jelly-like and slippery textures and are very thin. Laping always served it as cold. These noodles are actually a street food of Nepal. These noodles are so tasty that you can eat them any time in the day like you can eat this in

  • dinner
  • Lunch
  • Breakfast
  • Whenever you are craving

If you think about the taste of the Laping then you should know that the laping noodles are itself tasteless. It is simple like salty and slippery jelly-like texture but when you eat this with sauce then it just is a very tasty dish that you can eat. Nepalis people always liked spicy food that must have enough spices, they mostly like chili sauce in their dishes so it changes every dish as a spicy dish. Laping is slippery because it is made with starch of the potato. Starch made the laping jelly-like. As we know that starch is tasteless to eat so the laping is also tasteless to eat.

Laping is so famous in the very city of Nepal. The spread like an addiction in every corner of Nepal, That is why we called this street food of Nepal. This is now the ever-live dish of Nepal. If you think that it is expensive this then doesn’t be worry, this is present at a very reasonable price and very tasty as well. It is made with the starch of POTATO and it is very complicated to extract it at home but you can do it.


The taste and texture of Nepal’s traditional cuisine “LAPING” is very unique and full of taste. Its texture is very slippery and jelly, you actually felt like jelly when you touch it because it is made with the starch of Potato and starch always touches like jelly. Its appearance is thin and people used to add yellow color in it but it is not compulsory but you can add it. If you think about the taste of the Laping then you should know that the Laping has no taste. It is tasteless but you can also add salt to it and make it salty but it has no taste.


Laphing was introduced in Tibet in the beginning and then spread in Nepal when the people of Tibet migrated into Nepal. Kathmandu is also called the origin of Laping noodles because these noodles are mostly spread through Nepal.

In CHINA, it is called Cold Noodles, originated from the Northern region of China. These noodles are now famous all around the world.


Almost all dishes are originated from Tibet and these dishes can also be called Nepalis Dish,

  • Momos
  • Yak meat
  • Lhasa beer
  • sweet fritter
  • butter tea
  • Thanthuk 


Laphing is the most famous and tasty dish not only because of its taste but also because of its benefits for health. Laphing is very beneficial for the health of human beings. These are full of nutrients. It is actually a source of protein and carbohydrates. These are specially for diet-conscious people and are full of protein. Protein and carbs are very important for our health and we should take them in a large amount so that we can be healthy.


  • 18 g of Carbohydrates
  • 15g of fat
  • 45 g of protein
  • 1 g sugars
  • 9mg of iron
  • 21 mg of zinc
  • 340 mg of Calcium
  • 2 g Dietary fiber


There are only three basics food that usually people like it. Barley is one of the most favorite and popular crops of Tibet. This crop is usually used in every dish of Tibet, and Thukpa is one of the most famous dishes of Tibet. Barley is mostly present in powder form. You should try these crops and the dishes that are made with these ingredients because these are very delicious and made their dishes very tasty and healthy. It is also good for your health. Red pepper is good for your health and can reduce your risk of heart disease. It also prevents diabetes and supports metabolism. Just as spicy food protects against cancer, smelly foods like towels can raise your body temperature on cold days.

  • Barley meat
  • Yak meat
  • Butter tea


People called Laping in different pronunciation, like

  • Laphing 
  • Laffi 



  • Flour
  • salt
  • oil
  • water
  • cumin seeds
  • garlic
  • Chilli Flakes
  • Sesame Seeds
  • soy sauce
  • vinegar
  • Sichuan Pepper
  • ginger
  • Lemon Juice
  • Bay leaves 


  • The very first thing that you have to do for this dish is to make dough.
  • So, take maida (flour) in the bowl and add pinch of salt and oil in it.
  • Now knead it with adding water slowy.
  • Rest the dough for aboout 30 minutes.
  • Now ad water in the bowl and put the dough in the water.
  • After some time the starch and gluten in the dough going to be separated.
  • Squeeze it so it separated equally.
  • now cover the dough with the paper for about 4 hours.
  • When you add yeast in the dough, it starts swell.
  • So it should be added.
  • Add all the spices in the dough.
  • Separate the starch from the water.
  • Add color in it.
  • Now spread the liquid.
  • fry it on the pan.
  • Add chili paste over it.
  • Cut them into pieces.


You can serve Laping in different ways, it is totally up to you. But I recommend you different ways.

If you want dry Laping, then add salt and ketchup in the noodles and roll up tightly, then cut them into pieces and serve them.

But if you want some saucy laping then you should add the sauce in it with gluten and serve it into small pieces.


  • Boiled eggs
  • Boiled rice
  • Chiken broth
  • Bread
  • Simple
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