Nigeria – Egg Sauce

by Verdzekov Bernard…

In Cameroon, they are a lot of people that rare fowls. This is because of the enormous land we have and also the freedom to do so. Hardly will you go to someone’s’ house and the person doesn’t have fowls around their compound. Many keep and sell, while others keep just for fun and for consumption. The fowls kept here in Cameroon are the Agric fowls, Land fowls and the old layers. This are the fowls you will commonly see in Cameroon. The Agric Is usually kept and sold during occasional periods like during charismas, Easter and also for meetings, marriages and dead celebrations. The fowls are costly and also costly to handle or rare them. Secondly is the land fowl commonly known as “contri” fowls. This is domestic and widely kept all over the country. The fowls are cheap to handle and are less costly to manage. Then lastly are they old-layers. This fowl is less costly too and their purpose is the laying of eggs. Thou all three species lay eggs; the layers are kept more purposely to lay eggs. The eggs of the Agric and the old layers are nutritive than the country fowl’s reasons being that, this two are well kept and manage than the second, the country fowls. Egg consumption is a common thing here in my country. Though medically proven and advised, it is not good to consume a lot of eggs, in my country, we eat eggs. One person could averagely consume about 2-5 eggs a day. The eggs are usually consumed for breakfast, lunch and supper. For lunch and supper, how do you prepare your eggs so that it satisfies you and your family? Follow guide below;


  • Eggs (4-6)
  • Onions
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Green spices
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Plantain or garri 


  • Make your garri or boil your plantains. To make your garri in a nice way, cook it. Don’t just boil water and put in it and stir. Cook it. How do you do this? Boil water. Turn your garri into a pot, pour your warm water gently while stirring. When garri is thick, mix and turn well. if too dry, add some warm water, while stir and mix well. keep aside.
  • For your plantains, just peel off the outer skin rinse and out in your pot, add one or two cups of water, cover and allow on heat for about 10-15min, remove and keep aside. 
  • Then to prepare your egg sauce, chop your onions and green spices. Chop your tomatoes and keep aside. Crack your eggs and keep in a dish. 
  • In pot, pour in your oil and allow it to heat up, add in your onions and tomatoes and fry until translucent. Add your green spices. You may want to add curry powder, feel free. Add in your cracked eggs, stir well until you see the eggs lumpy. Add your maggi and salt to taste, when egg starts becoming brown, remove and serve with your white yams as above or ripe plantains or cook garri. 


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