Pakistan – Yogurt Minced Beef with Capsicum

By Robecca Adnan


I love to spent time in the kitchen that s why I always try to introduce new recipe and today I have decided to prepare recipe of Yogurt minced beef with capsicum. First of all I would like to share that Capsicum can be cooked with different vegetables also but today I have made my mind to make capsicum tastier as to mix it with yogurt and minced beef. All over the world people like to eat beef and most of people prefer beef over chicken. Both minced beef and capsicum are good to health if look to the Capsicum it is best source of vitamin A & C . It is also good source of fiber. Mostly capsicum is found into different colors that are red, yellow and green and orange. When Capsicum grown at the initial stage they are green but if it remain on bush for ripen then it turned into red. Minced beef is also good source of iron, protein and vitamin B. This is the delicious dish that is prepared in short time.

Yogurt Minced Beef with Capsicum

The recipe of Yogurt Minced Beef with Capsicum consists of two stages that are given below in detail.

1st stage is of Boiling the Minced Beef.

2nd stage is of cooking


  1. Minced Beef 500 grams
  2. Capsicum Chopped 250 grams
  3. Water 02 liters
  4. Yogurt 100 grams
  5. Garm Masala ½ tsp
  6. Red pepper grounded ½ tsp
  7. cumin ½ tsp
  8. Salt ½ tsp
  9. Ginger paste ½ tsp
  10. Garlic Paste ½ tsp
  11. Oil 5tbsp
  12. Onion 02 Chopped
  13. Tomato 2 Chopped
  14. Green Chili 5 in slice
  15. Coriander Powder ½ tsp
  16. Coriander leaves 5
  17. Black Pepper ½ tsp

1st stage

Minced Beef Boiling

  • First of all Put the Minced Beef in the strainer to wash well
  • Put it in hot pan keep it on the flame and put water in it.
  • Put chopped onion in it
  • Put Garlic paste, Ginger Paste and Chopped Tomato in it and wait for 20-25 minutes

2nd Stage (Cooking of Yogurt Minced Beef with Capsicum )

After waiting 20-25 minutes

  • Put Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Salt, Coriander Powder, Garm Masala, and Cumin in it
  • Put oil in it and wait for 3 minutes
  • After 03 minutes put the yogurt in it and wait till 05 minutes
  • Put Green Chili in slice in it and roast well it for 5 minutes.
  • After 05 Minutes put chopped Capsicum in it
  • And covered it for 7-10 minutes on low flame
  • After 7-10 minutes Yogurt Minced Beef with Capsicum is ready now pour the Coriander leaves on it and served your, family and guest.

Yogurt Minced Beef with Capsicum

The process of cooking yogurt minced beef is given below with the help of picture step by step:-

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