Spain, France – Traditional Spanish Garlic Soup

by John Thomas


Spanish garlic soup is the most popular and most eating soup. The origin of Spanish garlic soup is known by its name, which means it is originated from Spain. In Spain, garlic soup is also known by its real name Sopa de Ajo which means soup made with garlic. Soups are the best food of winter because it feels hot and warm inside the body of humans, that’s why it is also called a winter dish. In the European region, several countries made this delicious garlic soup in their own version like in the Czech Republic this garlic soup is knowns as “cesnecka” which is made with several garlic cloves combined with some potatoes. Similarly, in France, there is also preparation of garlic soup in Provence, France. Moreover, it has many verities and variations that make it different and more delicious. As in several countries, people made garlic soup with a combination of potatoes and garlic just like in the Czech Republic and many more. You can also be prepared this soup at your own home by just following this recipe step by step for more clarification I attached step-by-step pictures in the procedural part. There are few components of Spanish Garlic Soup are as following:


The usage of garlic makes it delicious. Spanish Garlic Soup is named by the usage of a large amount of garlic in it. The cloves of garlic give the name Spanish Garlic Soup and it is very beneficial for the person who felt very cold in winter, after eating soup they are just trying to warm themselves.

French Bread Cubes

Cubed shape french bread is a special type of bread that is used in several savory foods and also in soups. Here we use this french bread for making Spanish Garlic Soup. This is used for its divine taste and makes it healthier. As Garlic Soup is rich from the nutritional point of view it is also more beneficial for a sick person. Yes, it’s right, in European countries when a person got sick they used Soup for energy and fast cure of the patient.

Vegetable Stock

The vegetable is one of the beneficial drinking or eating sources for a sick and old man. It is made with reserved vegetables and sometimes the uses of chicken in it. This vegetable stock has the main role in making Spanish Garlic Soup. In this recipe, I have readymade Vegetable stock for Spanish Garlic Soup, but no worries, you can be made it at your own home by just helping google or the internet.

All three components combine to make a special type of Garlic soup which is named Spanish Garlic Soup.

Historical Point of View

As I said above that everyone knows that where the Spanish Garlic Soup comes from by just look at its name which is Spanish (Spain). In Spain, the real name of this dish is “Sopa de Ajo” which means a soup using a large number of garlic cloves. It is a traditional Soup of Spain. Everyone knows that Spain is a cold country and this delightful Garlic Soup is specially made in winter seasons for that warmness of themselves. In Spain, you can easily access and avail of Garlic Soup from mini markets and restaurants. Spain is also famous and popular for its soups, it also has many kinds of soups. Here are the lists of different soups that are available in Spain:

  • Potaje (Spanish Bean Soup)
  • ESCUDELLA (The Christmas Catalan Soup)
  • Lentejas con Chorizo (Spanish Lentil soup)
  • Pescado En Blanco (Spanish seafood Soup)

These are the traditional soup of Spain, that’s why Spain is also called as house of Soups. These are all awesome and divine soups but the recipe of Garlic soup is better than all of them. From the time it becomes popular all around the world.


  • Eggs (4 large sizes)
  • Butter 1 tbsp
  • Olive Oil 4 tbsp
  • Garlic (Thinly sliced) 8 cloves
  • French bread 4 Cups
  • Paprika powder 2 tsp
  • vegetable stock 4 Cups
  • salt ½ tsp
  • black pepper ½ tsp
  • chili flakes ½ tsp
  • Coriander (Chopped) 4 tbsp

Step by step Method

  • Take a medium-size deep frying pan place it on the stove at medium-low heat.
  • Add olive oil, butter, and sliced garlic cloves simultaneously in the frying pan.
  • Let’s cook until looks a light golden color.
  • Then add cubed shape cutting french bread into the pan.
  • Continue stirring and mixing with a spatula and toast the cubed shape french bread for approximately 5 to 6 minutes at the medium flame or until turns golden brown.
  • Then sprinkle paprika powder and mix it well.
  • Now add vegetable stock (which is made with reserved vegetables) into the frying pan.
  • Then sprinkle a pinch of salt and black pepper powder, chili flakes and mix it well.
  • Leave it to boil at medium flame.
  • When it seems to be boiling, then reduce the level of flame and cover the pan.
  • Then give simmer cook to the soup for approximately 10 to 12 minutes (remember: flame level should be low)
  • After that put chopped coriander and mix it well.
  • Now take four large size eggs and crack them into the bowl and add to the frying pan.
  • Let’s again cover the deep frying pan and give approximately 5 minutes for cooking.
  • After that, your garlic soup is ready to serve.
  • Serve it to your whole family or in front of guests and loved ones.
  • Enjoy the recipe.

Additional Information

  • Calories: 2650 per serving
  • Fat: 150.7 g (232%)
  • Proteins: 122 g (244%)
  • Serving: 8-9 pieces
  • Cooking TIME: 20 to 25 minutes
  • Total TIME: 35 MINS
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