The United States, America – Delightful Dessert Banana Pudding of Vanilla Flavour

by Sam


Banana Pudding is another type of special dessert in the history of the world’s cuisine. This delightful dessert is also part of European cuisine. They are sold throughout the United States. This dessert is basically, consists of 3 layers. The one is the layer of sweet prepared vanilla-flavored thick liquid, the second one is the layer of cookies or type of wafers for the crispy and sweet flavor and in last the outer layer of Banana Pudding is banana slices, which is the main layer, this layer is for garnishing the custard or pudding. You can add some fruits to it it’s your choice. In many places, some people use whipped cream on it before serving. Now talk about its region, the region that Banana Pudding belongs to South American region it is also part of South American cuisine. The Banana Pudding has many components but the 3 main components are Banana slices, Biscuits, or cookies and the last is Vanilla custard. The course of this dish is dessert. In the cooking method of Banana Pudding, some people use the baking method, and on the other hand, some people using the refrigerated method. Today I am using a refrigerator method and it is the easiest method than the baking method. They are sold in bakeries and supermarkets all over the United States as sweet dishes. So, you also can make this special type of dessert at your own home by following the cooking and baking procedure which is in a very easy way.

Variation in Banana Pudding

This kind of dessert must include many variations because when we use Vanilla custard or bananas, we can make many other desserts from it. In other words, many desserts are using the Vanilla Banana Pudding method to make another type of dessert. The one example is Vanilla flavor custard, this dessert is made with the help of Vanilla flavor which is already used in Banana Pudding and people makes some variation like without using cookies and banana slices.


Many housewives knew that how to serve a dessert. When you served a dessert you must include a layer of fruits or dry fruits on it with a good pattern and often used on top with milk cream place on it. Banana Pudding dish out in a large bowl and after that served it in a bowl with topping a cream on it. So, serve it to your family and your loved ones. You can also make this delightful dessert for a wedding ceremony as a sweet dish or any guests gathering or any type of function.

Origin and history

As we know that, every kind of dish must have origin and history in their cuisine’s introductory portion with their respective cuisine’s tradition this is the most important part of any cuisine. So, before we writing an article about any recipe we know about the history and origin of the cuisine in which we know where that cuisine belongs to, so when we talk about the origin of this dish (Banana Pudding) is actually originated from the United States and it is the part of the European region. This dish is associated with the southern part of the United States. In America, there is a lot of places that this delightful dessert has sold. Nowadays, it is the most popular dessert all across the world and continues to famous day-by-day.


  • Cream ¾ Cup
  • Cream cheese 140 g
  • Condensed milk 1 cup or to taste
  • Vanilla pudding mix 1 packet
  •  (Milk) cold 1 & ½ Cups
  • Cream 200 ml
  •  (Sugar) powdered 2 tbs or to taste
  •  (Banana) slices as required
  • Biscuits as required

Preparation Method

  • First, take a large-size bowl to add ¾ cup of cream into it.
  • Then beat it well for approximately 2 minutes.
  • Then add cream cheese and again beat it well.
  • Then add 1 cup of condensed milk or to taste and continuously beating well.
  • After beating it well add 1 packet of vanilla pudding mix and again beat it well until they will well be combined.
  • Now add 1.5 cups of cold milk and mix it well.
  • Now take a pot and add the creamy mixture into the pot.
  • Let’s cook it on low flame until well thickens.
  • Then take the bowl with 200ml of cream and beat it well for approximately 2 minutes.
  • Then add 2 tsp or to taste of sugar powdered and beat it well.
  • Now take a serving dish and set banana slices as required and biscuits as required into the dish.
  • Then put the prepared pudding mixture over it.
  • In last add sugar and creamy mixture onto the pudding mixture.
  • Then refrigerate it until chilled without mixing it.
  • When it is chilled garnish it with banana slices, and biscuit powder.
  • Now you can serve it to your family and your loved ones.
  • Enjoy the dessert.

Nutritional Facts

  • Calories: 215 kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 15.3g
  • Proteins: 6.7g
  • Fat: 4.2g

Time Required

  • Preparation Time: 25 to 30 minutes
  • Cooking or baking time: 20 to 25 minutes
  • Total Time: At least one hour required

Additional Information

  • Serving: 4 to 5
  • Origin: European region
  • Cuisine: United States
  • Taste: Sweet and Bitter
  • Type: Pudding
  • Course: Dessert
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