Indonesia – Garang Asem

In Semarang city, Central Java province of Indonesia, there is a special dish that uses a banana leaf to wrap it, known as Garang Asem. The word Garang Asem refers to the way to cook and its taste.

Pakistan – Masala Bhare Baingan

Masala Bhare Baingan is a recipe whose base is baingain.

Cameroon – Kwikwi Red Soup With Waterfufu

Kwikwi red soup with waterfufu is a delicious meal cooked by the Mamfe inhabitants. The food is being cooked by inhabitants for its richness in mineral resources and also in starch especially the red oil. The local cuisine permitting us to travel is taking us to the Mamfe locality. A locality situated in the SouthWest region of Cameroon, made up of hills and valleys, giving the impression that Mamfe is found in a basin.

Tunisian / Moroccan / Israel – Shakshouka

Shakshouka is an Arabic word which means “mixture”. It is one of the best dishes of all the African cuisines. This dish consists of eggs which are poached in a tomato sauce underneath it. It is not only served as a breakfast rather it is also served as lunch and dinner. It is said that this dish came into existence in the regions of Tunisia and Yemen. After people living in the North of Africa migrated to Israel, this dish became Israel’s national dish.

Pakistan, India – Palak Gosht (Spinach)

Palak Gosht is the most common and favorite cuisine of people of Pakistan, India, and other Asian countries. Palak is a seasonal dish, it is mostly eaten in the winter season. In the past when spinach was first originated from Persia (Iran) it was called as aspanakh over there.

Laos – Ping Kai

The Laos where most of the citizen is a Buddhist use the lunar calendar. One of the festivals is the Wat Phou festival, a festival held on the full moon in at third month of the lunar calendar. As a tourist, to enjoy a festival won’t be complete without tasting the local food in the area. One of the recommended food to taste in Laos is Ping Kai.

Malawi – Fish Roast

Malawi is a country near lake Nyasa, fishing is the primary activity with it’s citizens. There are varieties of fish to prepare since most of the time, boiling fish with a tomato soup may count the cooking procedures for fish preparation.

Pakistan, India – Special Tandoori Chicken Karahi

Tandoori chicken karahi is a popular type of chicken karahi. It is a treat for your taste buds and never fails to impress in front of your family. It is rooted in Indian subcontinent and it is a popular north Indian and Pakistani curry.