Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Traditional Kaleji (Liver) Handi

Liver (Kaleji) is loaded with goodness. The equation will be extraordinary with sheep or chicken livers. If using chicken livers be fragile as they are bound to break isolated than the sheep liver.

Ghana – Shoko Beef Stew

Shoko is a west African beef stew. This beef stew is prepared with a leaf called Alefu found in west Africa and tomatoes. Shoko is a borrowed Yoruba name. it did not originate from Ghana.

Pakistan – Karahi

Karahi is one of the local cuisine of Pakistan and other Asian countries. This dish has one important components which is Chicken. Only Chicken can make this dish tasty. Karahi can also be made with mutton but most people use chicken for this dish.

Madagascar – Tilapia (Tilapia à la Malagasy)

Madagascar in an island found in the Indian ocean, west on African continent, near Mozambique mainland state. Since Madagascar is an island, it’s primary cuisines must have contain sea foods like Prawns and Tilapia.

Cameroon – Apatha Soup and Ripe Plantains

Apatha soup is a fruit vegetable soup gotten from a fruit vegetable called apatha. This soup is widely prepared by the people of the mbu area in the North West region of Cameroon. This soup is eaten with plantains, white yams and even rice.

Pakistan – Delicious Daal Mash Keema (White Lentils with Micen)

Daal Mash Keema is a dish which has its origin from the Indian subcontinent and this dish was associated with the Mughals. Daal Mash is called white Lentil is a kind of bean that is grown in the southern part of Asia.

Indonesia – Garang Asem

In Semarang city, Central Java province of Indonesia, there is a special dish that uses a banana leaf to wrap it, known as Garang Asem. The word Garang Asem refers to the way to cook and its taste.

Korea – Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish that is served as Bachan. It is a dish of traditional Korean Pickle. It is formed by fermenting vegetables, meat into salt and rice vinegar. This fermentation is known as LACTIC ACID FERMENTATION. Kimchi has sour, salty, spicy, Pungent, and tangy. There is also a story about the origin of kimchi.

The Maldives – Traditional Garudhiya (Fish Soup)

Garudhiya is one of the famous and traditional dishes of Maldives. Garudhiya is a fragrant fish soup with some kind of spices and vegetables in it. This is so famous in winters. This dish is made by adding water, fish, spices, vegetables, and lemon to it. The very important part of the dish is to add lemon to it because the lemon adds a unique flavor to it.

Pakistan – Chicken Karahi

Karachi is the part of Sindh Pakistan and it is famous for its local cuisine and karahi is among the top favorite dishes of Karachi. This dish would traditionally be cooked.