Bafoussam, Western region Cameroon – Pounded Beans and Irish Potatoes

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Pounded beans is known in french as pomme pile. The original name is the French appellation which is pomme pile. The origin of this name is due to the fact that it tells the story of the bafoussam locality which is known for its fertile soils and lands. More so, in some localities, there are swampy areas, making the movement and plantation of crops difficult. The only crop that can survive easily is the irish potatoes, due to the fact that it absorbs so much water from swampy areas making it fertile for cultivation and harvesting. Pounded beans and irish potatoes is a meal prepared in the bafoussam locality. Bafoussam is found in the Western part of Cameroon.


Pounded beans and Irish potatoes is being cooked by boiling and pounding.

Cooking ingredients of pounded beans and Irish potatoes

  1. Half bucket of beans
  2. Half bucket of irish potatoes
  3. Red oil
  4. Onions
  5. maggi
  6. Onions
  7. Pounding stick

Cooking procedure of pounded beans and irish potatoes

  1. Begin by cleaning your beans.
  2. To clean your beans, you must remove the dirt from it, that is the rotten beans and also old beans leaves.
  3. Stip the beans in a bucket of water for thirty minutes. The reason for stipping the beans is to easy the cooking of the beans on fire by making it soft.
  4. After thirty minutes, boil the beans on fire for a period of thirty minutes.
  5. After thirty minutes, remove the beans on fire and allow it to get cold. Proceed now to the irish potatoes.
  6. Wash the irish potatoes.
  7. Peel off the skin of the irish potatoes.
  8. Cut the peeled off irish potatoes into two parts.
  9. Slice the onions into small quantities and place in a boil.
  10. Together with the boiled beans and the peeled off the potatoes, put in a pot.
  11. In the pot, add in salt and maggi.
  12. Also, add in onions.
  13. Pour in a small amount of water and close pot.
  14. When the beans and irish potatoes are about to become ready, proceed with the next thing.
  15. The next thing you are about to add is red oil.
  16. Put in the necessary amount of red oil into the pot of food and close the pot.
  17. Allow it on fire for a period of five minutes.
  18. After five minutes, proceed to the next step. The next step is pounding, which is the last.
  19. Use a stick to do the work. Pound the food on fire for a long period of time. Pound till the food becomes mashed and soft. It takes a lot of strength and energy to do so.
  20. Pound till desired results. When you have finished pounding, remove the food from fire and serve hot.

Your pounded beans and irish potatoes is ready.

Enjoy your Bafoussam-Cameroon dish. Do not eat alone. Enjoy with others. Food is best eaten when it is eaten in company of others, so as to share, you have to cook nice food and Pounded beans and irish potatoes is quite a nice food. A lot of good things coming from Cameroon locality.

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