Cameroon – Boiled Tubers With Bitter Leaves

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Boiled tubers is a form of tubers that is hard in form and very sweat in the mouth despite the hardness that it is made up of. Boiled tubers with bitter leaves is a local cuisine cooked by the grand parents of Cameroon, precisely for health issues as due to the fact that calcium, potassium and mineral resources. This is due to the fact that they are of advanced age. This helps maintain their health structures and permit them to be always fit. This is why they combine it with bitter leaves, which helps in the filtration and cleaning of the blood, made up of unwanted particles. It is being prepared in a very simple way and manner. Boiled tubers with bitter leaves is a local cuisine being prepared in the village of Mamfe by the elder ones and the younger ones for the elder ones and also for themselves. It is very delicious and they love it this way this since there is no maggi cube in the used in the preparation.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the cooking of boiled tubers with bitter leaves is the boiling and stewing of this delicious meal.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Two tubers
  2. Half bag of bitter leaves
  3. Dry fish
  4. A glove of garlics
  5. A glove of ginger
  6. A hand of crayfish
  7. Fresh onions

Seasoning ingredients

  1. A pinch of salt
  2. Half cup of red oil

Cooking process

  1. Peel off the two tubers
  2. Cut the two tubers into small parts
  3. After this, boil the two for about thirty to forty minutes
  4. Clean the bitter leaves
  5. After this, cut the bitter leaves
  6. Boil the bitter leaves and keep in the bowl
  7. Proceed to the cleaning of the onions, slice the onions
  8. Keep the onions in a clean place
  9. Clean the garlics and remove the peelings of the garlics
  10. Having gathered all the ingredients together, go now the cooking in the proper sense.
  11. Put the red oil on fire. Allow the red oil on for about two minutes for the red oil to steam.
  12. When it steams, throw in the garlics, the onions, the ginger and the dry fish at the same time in the pot.
  13. Wait for the ingredients to steam. Wait for around five minutes.
  14. After five minutes, throw in the washed bitter leaves into the pot and also the tubers at the same time
  15. After this, put a teaspoon of salt into the pot.
  16. After putting a teaspoon of salt in the pot, pour two cups of water into the pot.
  17. Close the pot for about forty five minutes.
  18. After each ten minutes, check the food and its evolution to know how the food is getting ready, when it is eventually ready, remove the food from fire.
  19. Close the pot half way for some time so that air can enter.

After this, serve the food.

Enjoy your food!!!

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