Cameroon – Riz amerounais avec le manioc and cabbage

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Riz camerounais is a type of rice made in Cameroon with the specificities that it is locally grown and the size of the grains are big. They are not small like the ordinary one, that are being imported from the regions and parts of the world, be it from Asia or other African countries. Riz Cameroonais saw the day in order to fight the importation of other types of rice from other countries and encourage local development, creating jobs and curbing the increasing rate of poverty and famine. Since then, it has been a great success and many families have been uplifted thanks to the implementation of the rice factory which has also become a cooperation, helping families, communities and villages in a better and more concrete manner. The rice coming from the North West region, later on turn to become a nation wide food known as riz camerounais avec le manioc and cabbage. Originally, the cooking of this meal began in Ndop, a village under the regional capital of Bamenda. Due to its exquisite taste, it has gone to other regions and cities and capitals of Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the preparation of Riz camerounais avec le manioc and cabbage is that of stewing.

Cooking ingredients

  • Four cups of riz Camerounais
  • Six packs of cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • One quarter chicken
  • A handful of celery and percil
  • One fresh onions
  • Fresh leaves of leeks
  • A cube of manioc

Seasoning ingredients

  • A cup of groundnut oil
  • Maggi cube to taste
  • Salt for more taste
  • Pepper to taste

Cooking process

  1. Wash the six packs of cabbage and cut into small packs
  2. After this, boil the cabbage for about five minutes
  3. After five minutes, remove the cabbage from fire
  4. Then wash the tomatoes and the slice into small parts
  5. Wash the onions and slice into parts
  6. Wash the celery and percil and slice into small parts
  7. After cleaning the spices, wash the one quarter chicken and cut into very small parts.
  8. Put groundnut on fire.
  9. Wait for the groundnut oil to become hot
  10. When it does become hot, fry the chicken to be dry.
  11. Remove the hard core on the manioc
  12. After removing the hard core, boil the manioc for about twenty minutes (20minutes)
  13. Having prepared all the ingredients and spices, move to the preparation proper.
  14. Put groundnut oil on fire, then throw in the spices, that is the tomatoes, onions, celery and percil with the leeks
  15. Stir the pot and put a small quantity of maggi
  16. After this, throw in the riz camerounais into the pot.
  17. Put salt and maggi to desired quantity
  18. Put salt and maggi to desired taste, then close the pot for about one minute
  19. After one minute, pour a cup of water into the pot.
  20. Close the pot for about five minutes.
  21. After five minutes, pour into the pot two cups of water.
  22. Close the pot for about twenty minutes
  23. After this, throw into the pot, the boiled manioc and cabbage into the pot.
  24. Pour into the pot, a half cup of water, then followed by the fried chicken.
  25. Close the pot for about ten minutes.
  26. After ten minutes on stay on fire, remove your food, for your food is ready to be eaten and enjoyed.

Enjoy your Riz Camerounais

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