Cameroon – Canda Vegetables Food Diet

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Canda vegetables food diet is a local cuisine that is meant for curative purposes and dietary reasons. In Cameroon, there is a great liking in the eating of canda in particular. It is believed that it has no secondart effects to the human body and that does not cause any harm, instead, it is viewed as very beneficial to the human body as it is known the damages eating plenty of red meat that cause to the human system and human body in general. In this case, there is no risk. Moreover, the meat is very delicious, sweat and soft in the mouth. Canda vegetables food diet is a diet that comes from the Bayangi village locality. People having noticed the sweatness and the benefits of this meal, it led to nation widespread, spreading to all the regions and localities of Cameroon and eaten by people from different cultures, as there as more than 300 known cultures in Cameroon.

Cooking method

The cooking method of Canda vegetables food diet is stewing and boiling.

Cooking ingredients

  1. A bundle of vegetable leaves.
  2. Half kilo of Canda.
  3. Three fresh tomatoes
  4. Half liter of groundnut oil. This does not mean that you will use all the groundnut oil.
  5. Salt and maggi.

Cooking process

  1. Clean the vegetables.
  2. After cleaning the vegetables, clean it in small parts.
  3. After cutting the vegetables in small parts, boil the vegetables.
  4. Before boiling the vegetables, make sure to wash the vegetables at several times.
  5. After washing the vegetables, you can then boil the vegetables.
  6. To boil the vegetables, you will need a period of twenty minutes. Twenty minutes is sufficient for the vegetables to be ready.
  7. The next thing to do is to boil the canda. But before boiling the canda, you have to do the following things.
  8. Clean the canda.
  9. Cut the canda as you will want it to be, whether you want it to be big or small in size.
  10. After this, you can then boil the canda.
  11. It takes between ten to fifteen minutes for the canda to be boiled.
  12. Wash the tomatoes and slice them.
  13. Put groundnut oil in the pot.
  14. Put a little bit of salt in the pot of oil on fire.
  15. Throw then the sliced tomatoes in the pot.
  16. After this should follow the vegetables, then comes after the canda
  17. Put small salt and maggi
  18. Pour a little bit of water in the pot.
  19. Close the pot.
  20. After five minutes on fire, check the pot to see whether the food is already ready.
  21. If the water is not enough, pour again a little quantity of water in the pot.
  22. Wait again for some minutes. The reason for waiting this time is so that the water should dry off. When the water must have dried off, remove your food from fire.
  23. Your food is ready.

Enjoy your Meal!

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