Cameroon – Countri Beans With Fried Taper Taper

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Countri beans with fried taper taper is a specialty being eaten in the suburbs and consmopolitan areas of Cameroon, precisely in the morning and evening hours of the day. During the morning because the beans gives so much proteins that is very important for the activities of the day that could be at some point very heavy and difficult to realise. If they do not eat it in the morning, it is being eaten in the evening times when they are returning from work. This is so as to compensate the energy and proteins being oust out during the day as a result of the constant heavy activities that they do during the day. This practice is mostly seen among the youths. They enjoy doing this during the evening when they are returning from work. Most of the youths engaged in this practice say, it is a replacement of all the energy they lost during day. Moreover, it creates a social and friendly environment that comes along with relaxation and peace of the mind during such moments and practice. This practice originates from the borders of Littoral, the cosmopolitan economic capital of Cameroon. It has spreaded to the other regions of Cameroon, notably, Bafoussam, the West region and Yaounde, the center region.

Cooking method

The cooking method of countri beans with fried taper taper is boiling and frying.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Fours cups of countri beans
  2. Half bunch of plantains
  3. Four fresh tomatoes
  4. Onion big onions
  5. A glove of garlics
  6. Two or three stems of ginger
  7. A bunch of percil
  8. A handfull of celeri
  9. Two yellow pepper
  10. One red pepper

Seasoning ingredients

  1. Groundnut oil
  2. Maggi cube
  3. Maggi crevette
  4. Salt to taste

Cooking process

  1. Remove the dirt from the beans
  2. Having done so, boil the countri beans for a period of one hour.
  3. When boiling, make sure to put a pinch of salt into the boiling beans.
  4. Check the water from time to time so as to make sure that the water is not drying off. The boiling beans must have enough water so as to get ready on time and really be ready.
  5. When the beans is ready, use a drainer so as to drain the boiled beans water. When you must have done so, wash the beans so as to remove the dirty water from it.
  6. When you mush had washed it thoroughly, place in a clean bowl.
  7. Wash the spices, the tomatoes, garlics,onions, celeri, percil, ginger and celeri
  8. Depending on you, you can decide to chop the spices or grind it that is the celeri, the percil, the garlics, onions, tomatoes and ginger. If you decide to grind, chop it into small parts, then grind it. If not the case, after chopping it, do not grind it.
  9. When you have prepared all the ingredients, the next thing to do is put the pot on fire.
  10. When it has been done, put groundnut oil om fire
  11. When the oil is steaming, throw in the spices, whether they have been grinded or simply chopped.
  12. Put the spices into the steaming oil and stir, then put in half maggi and stirr.
  13. After stirring for a period of two minutes, throw in the boiled countri beans into the pot.
  14. Stirr and close the pot for a period of five minutes.
  15. After this, pour two cups of water into the pot.
  16. Close the pot for a period of fifteen minutes.
  17. After fifteen minutes, verify whether it is ready and whether the water is dry, if it is dry and the beans is not ready, add in half cup of water till the water becomes dry.
  18. When the countri beans is ready, remove from fire.

Proceed then to the frying of the taper taper

  1. Peel off the layers of the plantains
  2. After doing so, cut into very small pieces, then heat the plantains using the steaming method.
  3. After doing this, fry the plantains.
  4. After frying, put the fried taper taper alongside the countri beans .

Enjoy your meal!

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