Cameroon – Fufu Cake With Vegetables

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia

The name given to this local cuisine actually sounds very funny and sweat at the same time in the mouth. The reason why the name fufu cake is existing is because the fufu resembles powder cake. So somehow, the name fufu cake was taken from powder cake. Powder cake that is brown in color. This does not mean that your fufu cake will taste like cake, it is just a name that has been given and attributed to it. So let us retain that the name fufu cake comes from the appellation of cake and nothing else than this. The vegetables used to cook this food is just common vegetables. The vegetable is nothing of a particular vegetable. Any vegetable can be used to cook fufu cake with vegetables. The material that is used to cook fufu cake is called millets. The use of millets is now very scare and very rare. Today is mostly produced and cooked in the North of Cameron. Most people use corn or maize in order to cook their fufu. Fufu cake with vegetables is cooked in the North of Cameroon.

Cooking method

To cook fufu cake with vegetables, use the method of boiling and simple stewing. Simple stewing means stewing without the use of tomatoes and other major spices like celery, percil and leeks.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. Five cups of millet
  2. A bunch of vegetables
  3. Some tablespoons of groundnut oil
  4. Two cubes of maggi
  5. Small quantity of salt
  6. One big onions

Cooking process

  1. Grind the millet you have at your disposal. Grind at a grinding stand. Your moulinex will not be able to grind it.
  2. Put water on fire for it to become very hot
  3. Have stick around with you.
  4. Put the grinded millet in the boiling pot of water and begin to turn it over and over.
  5. Make sure to be adding a little bit of water when you are turning the millet.
  6. When the water is about finishing from the pot, add more water
  7. Do this process over and over till your fufu cake takes form and shape
  8. Stew the vegetables. In order to stew the vegetables, cut it and wash it removing the sand from it.
  9. What you should do next is to buy the vegetables. Boil the vegetables for fifteen minutes.
  10. When it is removed from fire, squeeze the water from it. Enable the vegetables to become dry.
  11. When the vegetables does become dry, you can stew it.
  12. To stew it put groundnut oil on fire, then a little bit of salt and maggi.
  13. When it has been done, put vegetables in the pot of oil and stir.  Stir well so that the vegetables and the groundnut along with the salt and the maggi combine very well. Do like this since the food is being cooked through what is called simple stewing.

Bonne Degustation.

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