Cameroon – Mulu Kpat

by Nghonazie Annabel

Cameroon is blessed with uncountable traditional dishes which comes from the ten regions each with so many villages and thus diversity in farming that is crop production and the type of different traditional dishes that exist in these different villages. One of these traditional meal is mulu kpat which is a traditional meal from lebialem in the south west region precisely typical of the bamumbu tribe. This meal is delicious and a typical bamumbu man will love to have this meal served on his table at least twice a week. Some families even prepare mulu kpat almost on a daily basis because it is cheap, delicious and the ingredients are easy to get. The main ingredient used in preparing this mouthwatering is a leaf called tarot leaf. This leaf is a most have plant that one will see in the garden of a typical bamumbu native. Tarot leaves has high nutritive value and it’s economical as those who don’t have it at their back yard or garden can buy it with just a token. Mulu kpat is a dish with is good for all age groups especially for convalescence and the aging. Mulu kpat is eaten with plantains, coco yams, white and yellow yams, cassava, sweet potatoes etc.

Cooking method: Mulu kpat is prepared by frying and boiling.

Cooking ingredients

  • A good quantity of tarot leaves
  • Palm oil
  • Mackerel fish
  • Crayfish
  • Hot Cameroon pepper
  • Onions
  • Salt and maggi to taste
  • Boiled egg (optional)

Cooking method

  • Harvest a good quantity of tarot leaves from your garden or buy it from the market. Wash the leaves full without slicing them and squeeze
  • It is advisable to wash it with salt so that it doesn’t cause trouble to the stomach. After squeezing. Put in a drainer and allow it to drain
  • Wash mackerel fish and cut into desirable sizes and salt it to taste. Allow to drain too
  • Put palm oil in a pot and put on the fire. When it is hot, put the fish inside and fry. Remove the fish and put aside
  • Reduce the quantity of oil if it is much and the rest will be used to prepare the soup
  • Slice onions and fry in the oil, add crayfish and stir.
  • Add the tarot leaves and mix well. Put pepper and maggi and a bit of water and allow to cook until the water dries up. Add the fried mackerel fish and add salt and stir allow it to cook for another 3 minutes and remove from the fire
  • Boil eggs and peel, add the eggs to the soup when it has been served on a plate already. Egg is optional and it shouldn’t be added directly into the soup since it can get scattered and mess up the whole pot of soup
  • Mulu kpat is ready
  • Enjoy your meal
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