Cameroon – How to cook Cameroon grassfield chicken sauce

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Cameroon grassfield chicken sauce is a sauce being prepared and eaten in the grassfield areas of Cameroon. The grassfield areas of Cameroon are made up of regions of the Northwest, the  Southwest and the West. These regions have as particularity of cooking chicken sauce, known as Cameroon grassfield chicken sauce. Cameroon grassfiled Chicken sauce is a traditional meal which represents a cultural symbol and heritage that is being transmitted from one generation to the next. This chicken sauce has a lot of symbol and meaning as the chicken being used to cook it comes from  the village setup, that is rural areas. The chicken used in its preparation is known as (Country fowl) in a simple english term, agric fowl. The name countri fowl being attributed is due to the fact that the chicken is generally regarded as very strong with a particular taste and savour. The chicken is strong in that, it has a hard bone making it difficult to break and chew easily. Its flesh is strong also demanding strong mandibular to easily chew and enjoy it fully. When it is well prepared, it is very delicious and nice to eat.

In the following paragaphs, I will explain by writing down how to cook the Cameroon grassfield chicken sauce in a very simplified manner and easy to cook by anyone who falls in love with it even before tasting as I do cook it and enjoy it everytime I cook it. It is quite delicious meal full of nutritional benefits to all that it.


  • ½ Country fowl
  • Four big tomatoes
  • One onion
  • Two spoon dry ginger
  • Pepper (optional)
  • Salt and maggi to taste
  • One cup of palm oil


  • Clean your countri fowl, remove all the dirt,
  • Put it inside the pot, add water, onion, salt to taste and add ginger leaves, then allow it to boil for 30minutes,
  • Remove the pot on fire and put the chicken,
  • Now light on charcoal and roast the chicken making sure to remove the feathers so well and checking at it to prevent it from burning, roasting both sides of the chicken, then when you see the chicken ready, remove it and place it in a plate,
  • Wash onions, tomatoes and sliice them all,
  • Then put pot on fire adding palm oil, then wait till the palm oil gets hot adding tomatoes and onions and leave it to fry and continue stirring, then add in ginger and continue stirring for about five minutes,
  • Add in chicken and a little bit of stuck chicken water adding salt, maggi, pepper, then close the pot allowing it to cook for five minutes,
  • After five minutes, if the water is not yet dry in the Cameroon grassfield chicken sauce, give it some time again.

Now, your food is Ready.

It can be eaten with boil ripe plantain, corn fufu, rice.

NB : This Cameroon grassfield chicken sauce is delicious when the tomatoe is sweet since it gives taste to the chicken. 

Enjoy your Meal!!!

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