Cameroon – Garri Fufu And Eggs

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Garri fufu and eggs is a cuisine being prepared for economic reasons, that is lack of money. It was often prepared by the low class, but with interesting taste that it contains, all the classes of the society do prepare and enjoy the garri with eggs. The taste is both sweat and exquisite into the mouth. Originally, garri fufu and eggs comes from the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, precisely the Northewest and the Southwest regions. The instigators of garri fufu and eggs are the Bui inhabitants. It is well loved in this locality as it can be eaten in the afternoon as lunch.

Cooking method

The cooking method used in the preparation of garri fufu and eggs is boiling and frying

Cooking ingredients

  • Two cups of garri
  • One fresh tomatoes
  • One poivron
  • Five raw eggs
  • Half onions
  • Celeri

Ingredients for seasoning

  • Half cup of groundnut oil
  • salt to taste
  • Maggi to taste

Cooking process

The first cooking process is that of garri fufu

  1. Pour five cups of water into the pot
  2. Boil for a period of ten minutes. It can be boiled either on the gas cooker using a pot or you can still use a heater in order to boil the water very well. The two have the same effect.
  3. Put the two cups of garri unto a clean little bowl.
  4. After this, pour in the boiled water into the bowl of garri
  5. Begin to stir and stir for a period of five minutes, more or less till the garri turns hard and takes the appearance of fufu.
  6. When it takes the appearance and the shape of fufu becoming hard and soft at the same time, it shows your garri fufu is ready.

Serve on a plate. See picture below

The second cooking process is that of eggs

  1. Wash the tomatoes and cut into small pieces
  2. Wash the half onions, then clean it before eventually cutting it into small sizes
  3. Wash the poivron and cut it into small sizes,
  4. Wash the celeri and cut into smaller sizes,
  5. After cutting these ingredients, put a pot on fire. Mix all the ingredients together with the eggs and hit it for them to join very well and become one. At the same moment, put in salt and maggi and mixing the eggs with the ingredients.
  6. Pour six teaspoons of groundnut oil into the pot
  7. When it begins to become hot, throw in the mixed eggs alongside the ingredients into the pot.
  8. Make sure to stir the pot continuosly till the eggs and the ingredients all become ready.
  9. It will not take up to two minutes for the eggs to be totally ready.

When it is ready, serve the eggs on a separate plate, do the same thing with garri. Serve it also on a different plate. Still, depending upon you, you can still decide to dish the two on one and the same plate.

Make sure to enjoy your meal, it is a delicious one.

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