Cameroon – Mbatum Traditional Food

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Mbatum traditional food is a local cuisine that represents the culture and tradition of the inhabitants of Mbatum. Mbatum traditional food has the combination of both the culture, which is the language and the tradition of its people. To better know the Mbatum culture and tradition, it is good to start by tasting and enjoying the Mbatum traditional food which is very nice and sweat in the mouth and a general feeling after the eating of the food. Some people after eating the Mbatum traditional food believe that they have a additional energy and force. Some people feel very naturally and have a general positive feeling. Mbatum is a village and a locality found in the Mbouda surroundings and division, precisely in the West region of Cameroon, one of the most highly populated region of Cameroon.

Cooking method

The Mbatum traditional food is a food cooked by stewing

Cooking ingredients

  • Corn flour
  • Green beans
  • Two fresh tomatoes
  • One fresh onions
  • A hand full of caterpillar
  • Half kilo of fresh meat
  • Canda meat

Seasoning ingredients

  • Half litre of groundnut oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi crevette and maggi cube to taste

Cooking process

  1. Wash the two fresh tomatoes and slice the tomatoes
  2. Wash the fresh onions and slice the tomatoes
  3. Wash the green beans and slice the green beans
  4. Wash the fresh meat and slice the fresh meat
  5. Boil the fresh meat with salt.  Boil for about one hour, thirty minutes
  6. Boil the caterpillar for about forty five minutes
  7. Wash the canda meat, slice and boil the canda for about 15 minutes
  8. Put groundnut oil on fire and wait for one minute
  9. When the groundnut oil begins to heat up, throw in to the pot, the slice tomatoes, onions into the pot, then stir them so well. After one or two minutes, throw into the pot the sliced meat, canda and caterpillar at once.
  10. Close the pot for around ten minutes.
  11. After ten minutes, throw into the pot, the green beans.
  12. Pour a cup of water into the pot and wait for an additional ten minutes and put the green beans into the pot.
  13. While waiting, throw into the pot, salt and maggi cube alongside with maggi crevette. Then close your pot and wait steadily.
  14. Your food should be ready after this number of minutes, ten minutes.

Prepare the corn flour fufu then.

  1. Remove the dirt from the corn flour
  2. Boil water for about thirty minutes on fire.
  3. After thirty minutes, throw into the pot, the corn flour, then start turning with a stick.
  4. Turn till the corn flour becomes hard and strong having the texture and appearance of a hard paste, it is a sign that your food is ready.

You can serve unto a plate like in the same manner it is being done in the plate on the picture below.

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