Cameroon – Mbole Leaves With Bar Marine Fish and Fried Plantains

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Mbole leaves are leaves being cooked when there is a special occasion like the welcoming of a dignified personality into a place or home for a particular event that is rich culturally or regligiously. So the Mbole leaves are being prepared so as to welcome the personal and his delegation, be in case, he is coming with people with him. He could still come alone or with people. It does not matter all the same. There is no particular rule surrounding his coming, whether he is coming alone or with people, though in most cases, he comes accompagnied with two or more people to partake in this occasion or festival that has a duration of four to six hours in a day depending on the dignified authority or personnality that comes. Mbole leaves a lot of symbols during this occasion, as it sums up what is happening in the day of celebration. Mbole leaves is a tradition being used by the Bulu tribe in the center region of Yaounde, the political capital of Cameroon. During this day, many people are being invited, friends, neighbours, relatives and well wishers are being highly welcomed during this day of feasting and celebration. It is a pratique that has spreaded to other regions of Cameroon.

Cooking Method

The cooking method used in the preparation of Mbole leavesis that of boiling and stewing

Cooking ingredients

  • Half bag of Mbole leaves
  • A glove of garlics
  • A glove of gingers
  • Fresh bar marine
  • A bundle of plantains
  • Two big onions
  • Fresh groundnut
  • Dry fish

Seasoning ingredients

  • Groundnut oil
  • Red pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi cube
  • Maggi crevette

Cooking process of Mbole leaves

  1. Cut the Mbole leaves into small sizes,then wash it thoroughly
  2. After washing it, boil it for twenty five to thirty minutes
  3. When it is ready, remove from fire
  4. Place in a clean bowl, then dry off the water from it.
  5. After this, boil the groundnut for thity minutes
  6. After boiling the groundnut for this length of time, remove from fire, then wait for it to no longer be hot
  7. When it is the case, remove the peelings then proceed to the grinding of the groundnut using a moulinex
  8. After this, boil the dry the fish, then remove the good parts from the not good ones
  9. Proceed now with the grinding of the ginger and the glove
  10. Remove their peelings,then grind using a moulinex
  11. When  done at this stage, put goundnut oil on fire and when it begins to steam, through in the grinded groundnut into the pot and add in water. Close the pot for 15 minutes, then    after 15 minutes throw in the grinded garlics and ginger into the pot and add in water.
  12. After this, close the pot for 5 minutes.
  13. After this, throw in the boiled dry fish into the pot, then add in the Mbole leaves.
  14. When you put the Mbole leaves into the pot, make sure to put salt and maggi cube adnd maggi crevette at the same time.
  15. Also, put in crayfish into the pot, and after this, close your pot
  16. Put a cup of water and stir very well.
  17. When you notice the Mbole leaves is almost dry, it is an indication your food is ready.
  18. Remove the food from fire.

After this, proceed to the cooking process of the bar marine fish

  1. Clean the bar marine fish removing all dirt from it. Make sure not to cut into small parts
  2. After cleaning the bar marine fish, salt it, then dry it. See picture below

3- After this, fry the bar marine fish, then place in a clean tray.

See picture below

Cooking process of the plnatains

  1. Peel off the plantains
  2. Cut into small sizes
  3. Fry the plantains to be very dry.

See picture below

Enjoy your Mbole leaves with bar marine fish and fried plantains

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