Rwanda – Pearice

by Y Shomwi

Long time back, Tutsi soldiers (tribe in Rwanda) were given pearice dish on their long journeys, because they were traveling to very far places. The dish may stay for a two to three days without rot. During chiefs time, this dish were wrapped with leaves or special animal skin bags.

Rwanda is found in the East part of Africa, bordering Tanzania to the East, Burundi to the south, to the north is Uganda and D.R.C of Congo to it’s west side.

Pearice dish is common in many African parts including the countries around Rwanda like Tanzania and also South Africa country to the south of African continent.

Traditionally this cuisine will be prepared without any spices or meat mix, but nowadays people like to mix it with meat or potatoes, for improving taste.

Doing the ingredients mix makes the dish more better than ever before.

Today we will make Pearice with liver meat mix, get your kitchen ready and we’ll prepared. Welcome to the cuisine from Rwanda, Africa.


  • 1kg of rice
  • ½ kg of peas
  • salt
  • oil
  • ¼ kg of liver
  • carrot
  • beef curry
  • garlics

Cooking procedures

  • Wash peas and boil for 30 minutes until ready.
  • Soak rice with water, add salt then leave for 20 minutes.
  • Remove the upper layer of the liver (liver skin), chop into pieces, boil up for 5 minutes and fry, then set aside.
  • Chop carrot and grin garlics, set aside.
  • Start to fry carrots and garlic, add livers keep fry, add rice, add peas and mix them well.
  • Cooking rice for about 5 minutes it ensures the mix is ready, add water and cook under high heat for 10 minutes then lower heat and simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Our cuisine is ready to enjoy and serve.
Pearice with liver meat
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