Senegal – Thiof

by Breila Jack

Thiof is the Wolof name used by the Dakar Lébou fisherman. White grouper is what we talk about when spot Thiof, that is either eaten with spices and vegetables mostly in Senegal restaurants. In beaches this meal is taken as grilled only, with some additives.

Senegal has varieties of other sea foods like prawns, oysters and urchins, dorade and monkfish, yet Thiof has take the lead, this also explains the taste and nutritional efficiency it has over our bodies. Some people like to eat it with bites, chips or rice while others do take plainly.

Welcome to the preparation and cooking steps.

Preparation and Cooking steps:

Since there are two ways of preparing this cuisine, one from beach and another from restaurants, we will walk through both of the two, starting with the beach one;

  • Descale the fish, remove internal wastes and wash it clean.
  • Add salt and some little lemon with a little amount of pepper powder.
  • Lit up fire and start to grill the fish, keep on checking the fish from burn.
  • Move it all around until it’s ready for meal. Enjoy.

After beach preparation series end, here follows the restaurant ones;

  • Prepare garlic, cardamon, ginger, curry powder, salt, pepper powder. Grin and mix them well.
  • Clean fish as we’ve done in steps above.
  • Wrap the fish with garlic, salt, cardamon, ginger, curry powder and pepper powder mix.
  • Refrigerate for 10 minutes.
  • Fry it for 8 minutes less while moving it upside down. First move must be done after at least 4 minutes.
  • Keep an eye for unnecessary burns over the fish.

After frying procedures are all over, cool it, dry the fish from frying oil and serve it with vegetables and spices.

Thiof with Fried Potato chips
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