Zambia – Chibwabwa

by Alkased Mamim

When comes to green leaves recipe, Chibwabwa may hold it’s position as a pure traditional Zambian dish, due to the fact that it only cooked by boiling and no more. It has other varieties of ingredients but no any oil drop is found while preparing this dish.

Ifishashi may look the same to Chibwabwa because both are prepared using Pumpkin leaves but different preparation methods. In places like Vubwi and Zimba you will mostly find Chibwabwa, since they are rural places while in big towns like Lusaka, Kabwe and Ndola it is obviously to find Ifishashi.

Welcome to the recipe of this cuisine.

Preparation and Cooking methods

Let us collect some things to start with;

  • A bunch of Pumpkin leaves
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 tomatoes
  • salt
  • We will need peanut butter.
  • 2 Onions

After having a little preparation ready, let us cook to make Chibwabwa;

  • Wash well Pumpkin leaves.
  • Chop them as seen in picture.
  • Start boiling the leaves for 3 minutes using some water and salt.
  • Wash tomatoes and onions, chop them to small pieces direct into the boiling Pumpkin leaves.
  • Keep boil for 3 minutes more, add peanut butter (2 teaspoons) stir the mix to heavy paste.

Our cuisine is ready when all steps have been followed as required. In Zambia this recipe is “all is well” with Nsima, a stiff porridge.

Chibwabwa in meat roast and Nsima plate
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