Ghana – Okra Stew

by Verdzekov Bernard

Okra is one of Ghana’s national dishes. It is a common dish eating by the Ghanaians. Okra is very common in African countries like Nigeria, Cameroon etc. This dish is a draw soup. When preparing any soup and you add okra to It, that soup is bound to draw or be slippery and easy to swallow. You may realize you have used all your fingers when eating okra soup. Okra is cheap and affordable. That is why so many people go in for it despite the fact that, when it is prepared, it is delicious. In Africa, we mostly eat vegetables but most at times they are being cooked. Okra helps the body when it is consumed. Despite the fact that it is rich in vitamin C, okra helps to make the body strong and vibrant. It helps to clean and repair body tissues. If consume regularly, it will help to limit the risk of serious diseases. One other very important fact about okra is that, it contains polyphenols and this polyphenol contribute to good brain and hart performance or health. They are many more importance of okra to the body. Some people prepare their okra and add egusi to it. That Is still very delicious. To prepare okra stew in Ghana, follow guide below;


  • Garlics (3 clove)
  • Onions (1)
  • Palm oil (half cup)
  • Ginger
  • Tomatoes
  • Smoked fish
  • Okra
  • Water
  • Salt to taste 
  • Maggi
  • Dried meat


  • Slice onions and keep aside
  • Clean and blend your ginger and garlics
  • Slice tomatoes
  • Blend or chop okra. But in this cuisine, allow it chopped
  • Wash your meat perfectly and boil with salt so that it gets soft.
  • If you are to use fresh meat, wash and boil still. Boil with salt to taste with some onions.
  • Stand pot on the gas, put your palm oil and allow it to heat up. Turn halve of the onions into the pot. Allow it to fry for about 3min, then you add tomatoes. While in the pot, wash your fish and scatter with your hands, boil and keep aside. Stir the frying tomatoes and onions well. 
  • Add your blend ginger and garlics. Stir well. 
  • Add your boiled meat or dry meat and stir well. Add with some stock. 
  • Allow pot for about 5min, stir and add your okra with the onions you kept. Stir well. Add your fish, if to thick, add some meat stock and stir well. close pot and allow for about 10-15.
  • Open and add maggi, salt to taste, add pepper and stir well. Allow for 5min and serve with cooked fufu or garri. 


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