Nkinsinjam, Northwest Cameroon – Corn Fufu With Tomatoes

by Joella Eve

The type of meal, I am about to teach here is mostly known as traditional meal. Traditional meal highly appreciated by the local people due to the fact that it is believed to natural and contains natural ingredients. In Kninsinjam, corn fufu with tomatoes is believed to be uniting the ancestral world and the world of the living. After each preparation, some is being deposited at holy shrines for the gods and the ancestors, that is why they use tomatoes, which represents blood and the corn represents the harvest time. Nkinsinjam is a village found in the Northwest region precisely in the Bui division. Bui division is a division under the Bamenda central unit. Nkinsinjam is a locality out of the town, really out of the town of bamenda. To reach there, it is not an easy task, but the food that emerges from the area, it is worth taking the ride in order to reach the locality.

Lets begin with corn fufu

Ingredients for corn fufu

  • Dried corn, it can be white corn, red corn or evenstill yellow corn. It all depends on you. I personally, love the red corn. The one we are using here is the white corn.
  • Corn flour.
  • A stick to turn the fufu
  • Plastics for wrapping.

NB : There is no need of seasoning during the preparation of the corn fufu.

Cooking Process

  1. The first thing to do is to clean the corn.
  2. Dry the corn under sun.
  3. Grind the corn. Make sure it is dry when grinding it.
  4. Sive the corn flour separating the dirt from the clean one.
  5. Place a pot of water on fire. Make sure, it boils down to 30 degree.
  6. Take a small amount of the corn flour into cold water in a small bowl
  7. Pour the corn flour that is the small bowl  into the boiling water.
  8. Use a stick to turn the fufu.
  9. After a period of two minutes turning, pour in the corn flour into the pot and turn until it becomes hard enough. When turning, remember to add in hot water so as enable the corn fufu to be soft and very easy to turn.
  10. After turning for a period of time, remove the corn fufu from fire.
  11. Wrap into a plastic and place in a flask to keep it hot.

Ingredients for the tomatoes

  • Five big tomatoes
  • Groundnut oil
  • A handfull of percil
  • A handfull of celeri
  • 1 Poivron
  • Poiro
  • A glove of garlics
  • Two cubes of ginger.

Ingredients for seasoning

  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi
  • Total spices


  1. Wash the tomatoes and onions.
  2. Slice them into small quantities
  3. Wash the celeri and percil.
  4. Wash them into small amounts.
  5. Peel off the garlics and ginger.
  6. Slice them and cut them into small pieces and grind them.
  7. Using a pot, pour in groundnut oil into it.
  8. Do not wait for the oil to become hot.
  9. Throw in the sliced tomatoes, onions, percil and celeri into the pot.
  10. With no waste of time, pour in the grinded ginger and garlics into the pot.
  11. Add in the seasoning, that is the salt and maggi to give it the taste.
  12. Allow the tomatoes on fire for a period of five minutes.
  13. Remove your food after five minutes and serve yourself.

 When serving, use a flat plate to dish the food.

You have your plate of corn fufu and tomatoes from Nkinsinjam served to you.

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