Tanzania – Cassava Flour Stiff Porridge

By Robert Christopher

From Tanzania, Cassava flour accounts for the best flour mix when preparing any type of stiff porridge. The good thing is, it can stand alone and give a taste kind of stiff porridge.

Want to know how? Keep in touch with me through this local cuisine preparation of Cassava flour stiff porridge.

In rural areas, normally a group of women is choosen to cook stiff porridge.

Depending on the type of flour to be prepared, time spent to cook varies as well as cooking steps.

We don’t need a group of women to prepare this cuisine, yet we need to follow every step used in the process.

Things to prepare

Cassava flour

  • 1/2 kg of Cassava flour, 1 liter of clean water.

Cooking procedures

  • Boil water and be sure to keep heat at constant level
  • Put 3/4 of Cassava flour into the boiling water and start to stir it up.
  • After all water has mixed up with flour, add remained Cassava flour.
  • Cassava stiff porridge is so tricky, make sure it is not soft from the first mix, add up remained
    flour and keep stir.
  • Make sure to mix up all flour, don’t be shocked that added flour will not mix, keep stir
    up to the point that all flour has mixed up fine.
  • The mix may be felt harder to stir, but it always not that true when you touch it.
  • Our Cassava flour stiff porridge is ready for lunch.

Eat Cassava stiff porridge with;

Sardine roast

liver roast

Fish roast

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